New and Improved Yahoo! Mail

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Email Marketing

Yahoo-mail-logoOn December 11th, 2012 Yahoo! announced an updated version of its web-based email client in addition to new versions for Windows 8 and mobile versions for iPhone/iPod Touch and Android.

The biggest areas of improvement that Yahoo! focused on in this new version of Yahoo! Mail were speed and ease of use. They streamlined the interface to make it easier to navigate, and some of the clutter appears to have been removed (such as the “What’s New” tab).

Overall, I really like the updated interface; it’s very clean and a lot faster to navigate. Moving from email to email is easy in the new interface, and the icons are clearly laid out. You also have the ability to change the font size of the emails listed in the inbox view to manage how much space they take up. Look under the Actions dropdown and you’ll find three options to choose from:  Slim, Regular and Relaxed.

So will this new Yahoo! Mail impact email marketing campaigns? No, I don’t believe it will. From testing results so far, email rendered the same in the new version of Yahoo! Mail as in the original so there shouldn’t be any surprises in that area, at least not for Act-On customers. If we do learn of any changes in the way that emails render in the email client, rest assured that we will pass that information on.