"We will soon be introducing a new e-commerce site, and Act-On will play a huge role in promoting it."

Jenny Nielson Christensen
VP Of Marketing

"We’ve found that Act-On is very valuable for branding, especially when we use targeting and segmentation to make messaging relevant and to address our customers’ needs and pain points."

Jenny Nielson Christensen
VP Of Marketing

"I make salespeople successful. Nothing happens until you sell something."

Jenny Nielson Christensen
VP of Marketing, Binmaster

"Instead of posting less while short-staffed, we posted more. We’ve cut our time in half posting through Advance Social, compared to jumping in and out of each social program individually. Reporting time at the end of the month is cut by 75%, as we can gather all the stats in one place."

Jenny Nielson Christensen
VP of Marketing, Binmaster

Executive Summary

Jenny Nielson Christensen, VP of Marketing for BinMaster and Garner Industries, is no stranger to tech solutions. For the past 14 years, she’s worked with different platforms, none of which really offered a comprehensive solution to myriad issues. For one thing, BinMaster was having to constantly import and update lists, since their CRM wasn’t integrated with their email marketing. They also didn’t have an efficient way to segment marketing lists for the various industries that use their products, or an easy way of updating their social media accounts.

Enter Act-On’s marketing automation software, which provided BinMaster with efficient and time-saving solutions. Something as simple as a form fill on their website has led to year-over-year numbers increasing into the double digits. “Probably the most compelling statistic I can provide,” said Christensen, “is that now we have six sales people for the US and Canada, up from four, and that’s just to keep up. In 2021, we had the best year in company history.”

When Your CRM, Email Automation, and List Segmentation Work as One

Act-On’s integration with BinMaster’s Dynamics CRM has been vital. With up to 600 new records added to the CRM each month, BinMaster syncs their data every 12 hours and they have automated marketing emails set up in both English and Spanish for all new prospects. 

This bilingual approach has led to increased engagement, especially in Latin America where trade shows are very productive for BinMaster. 

“One of the main things we do differently is always show the photo, name, and direct contact information for our Spanish-speaking representative. Our culture is built on personal relationships, and we want our international customers to know who they can call or email,” says Christensen.

Additionally, the company works with a variety of industries from cement, plastics, agriculture and mining, so segmenting lists and personalizing emails is crucial, as each industry uses their products in different ways. 

“We segment our leads and contacts by geography, salesperson, and industry,” explained Christensen. “That way we can target specific solutions by type of business.”



One of BinMaster’s biggest time sucks was updating their social media accounts on multiple platforms, which Christensen was personally managing. When she reviewed Act-On’s Advanced Social Media tools, she was thrilled with how easy it was to create and schedule posts, and found the reporting and analytics functions to be incredibly valuable.

“Instead of posting less while short-staffed, we posted more,” Christensen said. Another way in which BinMaster saved both time and money was when they were able to use Act-On’s tools to create a custom landing page that requested customers to validate their accounts payable information. Over 300 people updated their information this way, saving BinMaster’s accounting team a ton of time.


In reviewing tech solutions to BinMaster’s marketing challenges, it came down to choosing the platform that offered ease and efficiency. When BinMaster migrated to a full Microsoft ERP system, they had to change their Act-On connector from Sugar CRM, which they were previously using, to Dynamics CRM. “That changeover was pretty seamless and was done within a single workday,” Christensen attested.

This change led to better visibility of how individual contacts and new leads were engaging with BinMaster’s marketing content. Since then, BinMaster has been using automations on the customer journey and plans to roll out promotions and product education using Act-On’s full marketing automation solutions.