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Act-On’s social media automation tools have what you need to derive tangible value from your social media efforts and improve your brand reputation and engagement among your target audiences.

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Spark the Conversation With Social Media Automation

Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns

Create, curate, and schedule your social media campaigns in advance with Act-On’s advanced social publishing platform. Then deploy your social media campaigns automatically based on your pre-determined cadence across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. These features give you the freedom to align your social media campaigns with your other marketing channels for a more holistic and coordinated marketing strategy.

Social Media Listening Tools

Act-On’s social media listening tools allow marketers to tune in to the larger conversation and track industry keywords, mentions, and competitors. Using this information, you can create and curate content to keep your audience engaged and invested. The social media listening tool is designed to recommend content based on engagement, so the more your audience interacts with your posts, the more the engine will deliver similar suggestions for you to share with your audience.

Social Media Listening Tools

Social Media Advocacy

Our marketing automation platform has a built-in social media advocacy tool that empowers you to encourage your employees to become brand enthusiasts on their personal social media pages. Using the social media advocacy tool, you can extend your reach and amplify your messaging by tracking clicks and shares generated by each team member. You can even incentivize and gamify the process for better results.

Social Media Reporting

Act-On’s Advanced Social Media module includes multiple social media reporting features that are easy to create and share. Develop simple or in-depth social media reporting dashboards to track which social media campaigns are driving engagement, leads, conversions, and revenue. Further leverage these insights to build more effective and efficient content marketing campaigns.

We use the Advanced Social Media Marketing Module to promote our thought leadership and extend our reach to drive more interest and engagement.

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