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Use Case: Why one B2B business chose Act-On

Pariveda Chooses
Act-On for Marketing Automation

When Pariveda needed a new marketing automation solution, Act-On came out on top. Read on to find out why.


Julie Reedy

Principal, Pariveda Solutions

Executive Summary

After a detailed evaluation of possible solutions they recently chose Act-On as their marketing automation provider. At the end of a search, Pariveda’s decision came down to ease of use and integrations. By integrating disparate processes inside one marketing automation platform, Pariveda is poised to provide a remarkable marketing and brand experience at every stage of the customer journey. 

Pariveda Solutions aligns people-development focus with the mission of its clients to develop, and execute custom solutions to help organizations succeed now and into the future.

Pain Points

Pariveda Solutions was facing a number of challenges resulting from its marketing tech stack. When disconnected systems are limiting marketing and sales growth, it’s time to find a better solution. Having separate systems for sales activities, automated marketing email, integrated landing pages and webinars was impacting the ability to scale marketing efforts. Specifically, Pariveda came to Act-On with:

  • A desire for more collaboration and efficiency
  • A need to provide content where and when the customer needs it
  • A goal to increase integrations with backend systems


A lack of integration across different marketing channels and functionalities, was starting to cause problems for Pariveda. “We had a very, unintegrated solution,” Julie Reedy explained. “We were using four separate systems for automated email, CRM and sales activities, landing pages, and webinars.” 

Alignment between marketing and sales was increasingly limited due to the inability to connect various systems within their marketing tech stack. “The lack of integration limited our ability to effectively nurture lead and customer relationships and our insights into the impacts of marketing activities across the firm.”

Act-On’s interface was much easier to use than other products, and it integrated well with some of our other key products, including Zoom and MS Dynamics 365.

Julie Reedy, Principal, Pariveda Solutions


Pariveda Solutions used their time-tested approach to analyze requirements and a visible set of criteria to select an integrated marketing automation solution that truly meets the company’s needs. Pariveda’s team had some very important requirements for a marketing automation platform. Its approach mirrored what it does for its clients on consulting projects.

“We started the process by narrowing down the list of viable solutions based on key qualifiers for our firm, which resulted in a short list of products. We utilized our framework composed of a detailed list of requirements based on current and future processes, anticipated needs and evaluation criteria. We formed a Steering Committee composed of stakeholders and key representatives for all areas impacted,” Reedy detailed. 

  • Develop a more efficient lead generation process
  • Shape its lead and customer journey 
  • Integrate its toolset for better reporting on marketing
  • Create seamless coordination between the marketing and sales teams
  • Ensure a flexible, easy to use and scalable toolset for campaigns and marketing activities

Choosing Act-On

In the end, it came down to three choices, including HubSpot, Marketo and Act-On. According to Reedy, “Act-On was chosen for its ability to meet functional, technical and financial requirements.”

In addition to all of those important reasons for making the choice to buy Act-On, the software also makes it easy to add layers of complexity as Pariveda Solutions continues to grow in marketing maturity and capabilities. In the end, after careful evaluation of all the top players in marketing automation, Act-On was the best-fit choice for Pariveda. We are excited to see next steps as this thriving B2B services business gets started with newsletters, webinars and nurture campaigns to reach its targeted segments.

Act-On provided a single reporting platform for analyzing our marketing efforts across all of our platforms, and the advanced social media platform met an additional need to simplify employee advocacy.

Leslie Garza, Brand & Communications Leader, Pariveda Solutions, Inc.