Act-On Professional Services accelerates TotalRewards Software’s marketing program success

Headquartered in Rocklin, California, TotalRewards Software helps more than 500 global companies market their total rewards programs to more effectively drive engagement with employees and candidates. On the cusp of launching a new product, CEO Ray O’Donnell needed to quickly build, execute and measure a myriad of complex marketing campaigns – without sufficient resources in-house to do so.

Finding a business partner, not a service provider

“Having worked with marketing technology platforms in the past, we knew we needed to have a Salesforce-integrated marketing automation platform in place to support our efforts and help us meet our sales goals,” O’Donnell said. “We did extensive due diligence, and Act-On stood out as the right partner.” With a product release just around the corner, and a host of immediate marketing needs, TotalRewards Software promptly reached out to Act-On for assistance. After discussing TotalRewards Software’s objectives and business requirements, Act-On Professional Services agency partner Access Marketing Company was selected to execute and manage activities for the company.

Leveraging Access Marketing Company to drive awareness and growth

As the first order of business, the companies collaboratively defined target audiences to identify the best prospects, and developed content-related strategies to convert more free users to paid subscribers. “We started out having Access Marketing help us with understanding which levers to pull and content creation,” said Dan Tibbits, Senior Solutions Specialist at TotalRewards Software. “But they quickly evolved into a true marketing partner that showed us how we could get the most from our investment in the Act-On platform.”

Industry: Employee Benefits/HR

“Ultimately, Act-On Professional Services has helped us become better marketers at a core level, and really helped us grow our business.”
– Ray O’Donnell,
TotalRewards Software

“Our relationship with Act-On and TotalRewards Software has been a true win-win-win. Working together, we’ve built an effective, consistent marketing program that has helped TotalRewards Software achieve their overall marketing goals.”
– Joy Milkowski,
Founding partner
Access Marketing Company


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With TotalRewards’ complete trust and confidence in Access Marketing Company’s commitment to success, Access Marketing implemented improvements to the company’s website, as well as written content, email templates and social media promotions. “Fortunately, Ray and the TotalRewards Software team understood how important these programs were, so they let us put great nurture techniques in place that leverage the Act-On platform to build brand champions and upsell modules,” Milkowski said.

With primary focus on pipeline growth strategies, Access Marketing continues to demonstrate success with increases in website registrations, leads, trial conversions and social engagement.

“If we hired someone internally to run marketing we’d likely get a generalist,” O’Donnell said. “Act-On Professional Services has become an extension of our business—essentially our marketing department—because they bring a depth of expertise in pretty much every marketing discipline. The results have far outweighed the investment.”

Strategic partnership drives increased engagement and conversions

TotalRewards Software continues to rely on Access Marketing Company as its marketing partner. The teams have focused on funnel optimization strategies, analyzing each phase of the company’s target prospect buying cycle and implementing a content and communications strategy that keeps prospects engaged and continually progressing toward a sale.

Since the beginning of TotalRewards Software’s engagement with Act-On Professional Services, the company has recognized dramatic increases in visitor and email engagement. With a 30% increase in email open rates, a 390% surge in their LinkedIn following and a 10% spike in trial conversions, the company is acquiring better leads and developing stronger customer and prospect relationships as they solidify their position as a Human Resources industry thought leader.