How the Automotive Industry Can Leverage Marketing Automation to Redefine Customer Experience and Drive Growth

Identify and Engage Car Buyers Before They Reach the Showroom

The automotive sector is emerging from a difficult period, and one which is likely to have permanently shifted buyer behaviours with an ever-larger percentage of the decision-making process happening online.

Download this guide to understand the new rules of engagement for reaching automotive buyers and ensuring you provide them with the information they need at every step of their buying journey.

You'll learn how:
  • Marketing automation can help segment and understand your target audience through their online behaviour

  • To effectively use personalisation to market smarter not harder

  • To leverage email and SMS communications to existing customers to build loyalty and maximise lifetime value

  • To redefine the showroom experience by leveraging the information you’ve gathered from customers online

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Automate Customer Communications

By automating customer communications and leveraging information already known — such as purchase date and service history — you can ensure timely, relevant marketing messages help customers maintain their vehicle through your dealership.

Reach Potential Buyers Before Their Showroom Visit

Customers spend almost twice as long researching their next car purchase online as they do offline. Consistently communicating with them across all touchpoints is critical.

Improve Marketing ROI

By tracking every step of the customer journey, you are able to truly understand the return on your marketing investment and focus your attention on those areas that generate desired outcomes.

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