Act-On Software’s Customer-Centric Model Produces High Retention and Measurable Value


Act-On Software’s Customer-Centric Model Produces High Retention and Measurable Value

Portland, Ore.–Leading Marketing Automation provider Act-On Software announces best-in-class first-year customer retention results and correlating high customer success rates — one year after taking its customer-centric model to the next level with further investment in deliverability services, educational resources, and customer success expertise. This is augmented by Act-On’s introduction of its new Marketing as a Service solution and further delivering on its Adaptive Marketing vision, which has prompted multiple industry awards and significant customer growth while maintaining profitability for the fifth consecutive quarter.

Results Prove Impact of Meeting Customers Where They Are in Their Marketing Journey

In the year since Act-On doubled down on its updated customer-centric model, the company has seen double-digit retention improvements especially for first-year customers and success rates that demonstrate effective and strategic usability.

Act-On’s best-in-class retention rates for first-year customers are attributed to its continued focus on providing not only a product platform but also the services and support that customers, such as Sharp Business Systems and Red Lion Hotels, need in order to productively drive business results. Instead of simply serving as a software vendor, Act-On focuses on helping marketing teams achieve measurable results as it recognizes the increasing importance of proving value to executive leadership in a competitive environment.

“Everything we do here each day is about making our future and current customers as successful as possible,” said Kevin Williams, Senior Vice President of Customer Success at Act-On. “It all comes down to creating a simplified experience that actually drives value, which we accomplish by providing intuitive and user-friendly strategic consulting services that directly lead to results.”

“Having limited resources forces us to be really smart about how we spend our marketing dollars and where we invest our time,” said Erika Schonberg, Head of Marketing and Sales at AuditFile, an audit automation software provider for public accounting firms. “Leveraging Act-On to automate our marketing and sales processes enables us to do that, resulting in conversion rates from trial sign-up to paid customer that are consistently three-times the financial services industry average.”

Key Innovations in Marketing as a Service Solutions and Adaptive Marketing

As part of this customer-centric focus, Act-On launched its comprehensive Marketing as a Service solution, which combines industry-leading technology with best-in-class strategy, consultation, and support. Act-On Accelerate provides additional guidance across customers’ preferred focus areas, honing in on specific best practices for sales enablement, funnel stage nurturing, or customer loyalty campaigns, among several other strategy suites. 

This end-to-end solution is designed to solve for the gap between technology and strategy execution (one of marketers’ main challenges, as reflected in Act-On and London Research’s State of Marketing Automation 2019 report). New customers, such as Oregon State University Foundation and Heartland Credit Union, are taking advantage of Accelerate to prepare their sales and marketing teams to maximize their investment.

Act-On also recently released a new real-time website personalization solution called Adaptive Web, which supports the Adaptive Marketing vision to empower any marketing team to achieve higher conversion rates and drive better leads. Adaptive Web provides intelligent, AI-driven content recommendations that adapt to each website visitor’s behaviors. This website personalization tool is available for a free trial to demonstrate the ease of use and immense value that this solution provides for marketing teams of any size and industry. 

As Act-On continues paving the way in this evolving marketing landscape, SiriusDecisions awarded the company with the Program of the Year for Technology. Additionally, Act-On received TrustRadius’ 2019 Most Revolutionary Award in response to customers consistently describing Act-On as a revolutionizing product for their Adaptive Marketing efforts.

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Act-On Software is the leader in Adaptive Marketing solutions that empower marketers to achieve the purposeful and personalized engagement that their business needs to thrive. Act-On makes customer data actionable, enabling marketers to strategize better business outcomes, drive more relevant multi-channel marketing, and generate higher customer lifetime value–all with the fastest time-to-value. For more information, visit Act-On Software.

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