How Marketing Teams Can Tap Into Their Superpowers

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Year after year, we raise the stakes.

Larger pipeline, more qualified leads, better retention, and higher quotas. And the one thing that’s not taken into account? Your team’s kryptonite—headcount, budgets, and time-to-market. If companies had a bat signal, it would light up the sky, calling marketers to take action!

But teams can’t be everywhere at once, or you’re just leaving yourself vulnerable in times of trouble. You need a strategy.
In this session, our panelists offer battle-tested wisdom into how they utilize the tools and gadgets at their disposal so they can do more (revenue-generating activities) with less (time, team, and budget) to save the day.

You’ll learn:

  • Find Your Sidekick: Understand how to make automation your trusty sidekick to keep prospects and customer engaged throughout the entire buyers journey and customer lifecycle
  • Suit Up: Marketers need to arm themselves with the tech and gadgets needed to save the day, but they come at a price. Learn what to consider in order to consolidate your utility belt (we’re talking about your techstack) to make sure you’re getting ROI
  • Engage Laser Focus: Find focus and utilize a targeted approach for a better likelihood of conversion

On-demand Webinar

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