Integrate Salesforce With Act-On to Optimize Your Sales and Marketing Efforts

Connect Salesforce with Act-On to orchestrate and optimize the customer journey from awareness to advocacy.

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Integrate and Consolidate Your MarTech Stack With Salesforce and Act-On Marketing Automation

Gain Visibility Into Customer Behavior and Insights

Salesforce allows Sales and Marketing to compile important lead information (such as contact name, industry, and location) that your salespeople need to know before they talk to a potential customer. Better yet, when you integrate Salesforce with Act-On marketing automation, your sales team can also gain visibility into a lead’s engagement and activity history to help them have more targeted conversations and refine their sales approaches. 

Collaborate With Marketing for Better Results

For Sales to do their job effectively, Marketing needs to attract the right opportunities and have a good process in place for transferring those leads to Sales. Combining Salesforce with Act-On can help get both teams on the same page, streamline processes, and facilitate better lead transfers and insights.

Invest Time on Better Opportunities

Even the best insights can’t help a salesperson if they’re chasing a lead that’s simply a bad fit. Integrating Salesforce with Act-On marketing automation allows your marketing team to score leads and notify Sales of when they’re qualified and ready to buy. This enables your salespeople to invest time on bigger, better, and more qualified opportunities — increasing their chance of success. 

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

Your current customers are one of your greatest assets when it comes to fueling business growth, so it’s important to continue to engage, nurture, and build relationships with that audience. When combined with lead scoring in Act-On, Salesforce can give you insight into the health of an account and help you identify opportunities to cross-sell and upsell, so you can maximize customer lifecycle value.

Since integrating Act-On with Salesforce CRM, our sales and marketing teams have worked much more closely and increased pipeline by 12% in a matter of months.

Evan McKenzie (Marketing Manager, TPC Training)

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