Customer Relationship Marketing to Expand and Extend the Customer Lifecycle

Expand your customer base, broaden your brand’s appeal, and cement your relationship with your customers to turn buyers into evangelists with smart, sophisticated customer relationship marketing strategies.

Great Customer Marketing Strategies Are Crucial to Sustainable Growth

Customer Relationship Marketing

Improve initial and long-term customer satisfaction by delivering personalized and relevant product, service, and content recommendations.

Develop and optimize your customer profiles and experiences by gathering and aggregating valuable behavioral data from every customer interaction.

Share information, best practices, promotions, order status, and other updates in real-time with relevant, resonant messaging tailored for your target audiences.

How Do Act-On’s Tools Help Me With
Customer Relationship Marketing Strategies?

Relationship Marketing
Selling More Products and Services

Already started the customer conversation? Awesome. Keep it going by optimizing your digital presence and kickstarting your outbound marketing. Our automated programs distribute surveys, offers, and product information, and our easy-to-build landing pages keep your customers informed while capturing additional information and insights. Use that data to score and segment customers for further strategic nurturing and remarketing.

Customer Communications and Newsletters

Keep consumers informed with our range of customer relationship marketing and messaging initiatives. Whether you’re launching a new product, kicking off a promotion, or just want to share company news, our newsletter and product announcement programs keep your audience in-the-know, in-the-now. You can also use our product adoption solutions and best practice support to turn customers into product experts.

Customer Relationship Campaigns and Onboarding

How do you keep customers engaged, enthused, and ready to buy from you again? Through our educational tools and product adoption incentivization solution, you can create comprehensive onboarding campaigns with informative tips, how-to content, and support materials to help your customers make the most of their purchase. Plus, our usage and performance rewards programs keep buyers coming back for more.

Advocacy Programs

The best customers are those who recommend you to their friends. From NPS surveys and customer success identification to customer scoring, our tools empower you to turn customers into brand advocates. Plus, our social advocacy features let you reach customers through your most trusted source — your employees! With our tools, your employees can spread your message and share customer success across their personal and professional social channels.

Thanks to Act-On, we were able to enhance our marketing strategy and gain valuable insights into customer preferences.

Adam Nutting, Marketing Automation Specialist (Traverse City Tourism)

How Can Customer Relationship Marketing Help My Business?


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