5 Lead Nurture Campaigns that Build Pipeline and Support ROI

two business people in black and white work to build lead nurture campaigns

Pressure has been building around proving ROI. Sure, it’s always been there to some extent, but that pressure has recently increased, according to B2B marketers. And many say that while expectations for ROI are increasing, their budgets are not. Hardly seems fair, right? A recent survey of marketers by MarTech.org found that, of those surveyed: […]

Email Marketing Myths Debunk’d

When it comes to email marketing tips, there are a few things that we have all been told to do. From using specific CTAs to sending at certain times of the day, but does some of that conventional wisdom really make a difference? After extensive tests, see what we uncovered.

Email Sender Name Best Practices for Marketing

Email sender name best practices illustrated by woman at laptop and icons of software windows

The email marketing sender name or “from” name might seem like a small thing, but following best practices for display names can make a big difference in how your email is received.

Inbox Placement: How to Avoid the Dreaded Spam Folder 

Inbox placement is increasingly important as you work to successfully reach subscribers’ inboxes. And with internet service providers using more advanced spam filtering technologies, it’s far too easy to take a misstep and end up in the junk folder.