Get Ready for 2024 Email Deliverability Compliance Changes

Email marketers: be prepared for 2024 email deliverability compliance changes with our handy update on what the email providers have coming.
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Email marketing is a constantly shifting landscape. Service providers like Google and Yahoo regularly update guidelines and evolve their standards to protect their email account holders. If you’re using email as a marketing channel, you need to stay abreast of these 2024 email deliverability compliance changes to avoid a negative impact on your campaigns.

For 2024, one significant change looms on the horizon: Google, Yahoo and other mailbox providers are making sender guideline updates scheduled to take effect in February 2024. These changes are designed to enhance email security, improve user experience, and ensure that emails reaching users’ inboxes are not only relevant but also safe. Read on to find out what’s changing, and how you can respond generally, and specifically in the Act-On platform if you’re a current customer.

Tightened authentication requirements

Mailbox providers are tightening its authentication protocols to combat phishing and spoofing attempts. Starting February 2024, email senders will be required to implement the latest authentication standards, including:

This new requirement will help ensure that emails are verified and can be trusted by recipients.

Improved user engagement metrics

Providers are placing a stronger emphasis on user engagement metrics to determine the relevance and quality of emails. Senders with consistently low engagement rates may find their emails filtered out of the primary inbox. To maintain a positive sender reputation, businesses are advised to focus on delivering content that resonates with their audience and encourages user interaction. It will be important to implement a behavioral segmentation strategy to focus on the correct audience.

Optimization for mobile devices

With the majority of email opens happening on mobile devices, mailbox providers are urging senders to optimize their emails for mobile viewing. Non-responsive or poorly formatted emails may be penalized in terms of deliverability and user experience.

a woman in a data center works on a laptop, illustrating the concept of 2024 email deliverability compliance changes
Prepare now for email deliverabilty compliance changes coming in early 2024.

Minimization of unsubscribed emails and spam complaints

Providers are placing a heightened focus on reducing unwanted emails. Senders should ensure that their unsubscribe mechanisms are clear, easily accessible, and promptly honored. Failure to comply with unsubscribe requests promptly may lead to negative consequences for sender reputation. They will also be focusing on instances where they are seeing a 0.3% or over spam complaint rate. Consistent periods of time hitting 0.3% or over will result in lower reputation and possible deliverability issues.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, staying compliant with email provider guidelines is essential for maintaining a positive sender reputation and ensuring successful email deliverability. By proactively adapting to the upcoming Sender Guideline changes, businesses can enhance the security, relevance, and overall effectiveness of their email communications. Take the necessary steps now to ensure a smooth transition and continued success in your email marketing efforts.

How to Respond for Act-On Customers

If you are sending 5,000 or more messages to Yahoo or Google domains in a day, you will have to abide by the new sender guidelines. One of the biggest takeaways from these changes is that mailbox providers will now be requiring a DMARC record in order to fully pass authentication. For more on how to ensure your Act-On emails are deliverable, check out this guide.