Marketing Automation for Wealth Managers & Financial Advisors

Attract, Cultivate and Delight Clients

Wealth managers and financial services providers have recently made incredible strides for engaging clients virtually. Marketing automation can help you take that progress even further, and provide personalised experiences at every stage of the client’s journey. Whether you’re focused on attracting and engaging new clients, cultivating longer relationships with existing ones, or in providing an exceptional experience with your brand overall, use this ebook as your guide.

You'll learn:
  • The importance of building your digital brand

  • How to retain the ‘personal touch’ of traditional sales approaches in a digital context

  • How to send communications you know clients will respond to

  • What clients’ digital behaviours can tell you about their place in the buying journey, and how you can leverage that to provide the right information at the right time to motivate conversions and keep clients happy

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Automate Customer Communications

By automating customer communications, and leveraging their online behaviours, you can provide relevant, timely messages to existing customers before they make key financial decisions.

Reach Potential Clients Earlier

Over 80% of financial services customers conduct research online before making a buying decision. Ensure that decision is the right one with strategic digital communications.

Improve Marketing ROI

By tracking every step of your marketing process, you can truly understand the return on your marketing investment and focus your attention on those areas that generate the desired outcomes.

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