Marketing Automation Stats, Putting Marketers In The Driver’s Seat


With a refreshed vigor, UX enhancements and new innovations, the marketing automation disrupter goes toe-to-toe with the likes of Marketo and Pardot, who have abandoned and disenfranchised their customers

Portland, Ore.June 23, 2022: Act-On Software, the only pure-play marketing automation platform, today announced an unparalleled focus on serving marketers who have been forgotten or abandoned by the biggest names in the marketing automation space. 

After a strong performance in 2021—characterized by a new funding round, an SMS product launch, and a new native integration with Zendesk Sell—Act-On is entering the second half of 2022, leaning into the company’s stance as a rebel in the marketplace. Whereas legacy marketing automation companies obsess over being the biggest and most well-known brands in the industry, Act-On uniquely “puts the marketer first so they can bring their biggest, boldest growth strategies to life.”

Act-On has accelerated product innovation, removed platform complexity and solved pain points marketers face everyday, while the legacy platforms have failed marketers in these areas due to consolidation and mergers that changed focus and slowed innovation, resulting in complex systems that are hard to manage on a day-to-day basis, requiring expert users. 

Act-On provides marketers with a better value, excellent coaching and account management so they can get back to designing intelligent marketing programs and freeing up budgets for other activities, instead of feeling frustrated with clunky platforms, bloated price tags, poor account oversight and lackluster support from the competition. 

“The fact of the matter is that countless marketers have been completely abandoned by the marketing automation providers they thought would help them reach their goals,” said Casey Munck, VP of marketing at Act-On. “But Act-On is laser-focused on the people behind the brands, and we’re here to fight for marketers and provide the attention to detail they won’t find anywhere else.”

Indeed, Act-On has spent considerable time and resources building out and improving their capabilities to support their mission to focus on tools marketers actually need and use every day. The coming months will herald the release of many new product innovations, including:

User experience enhancements to better serve marketers – Delighting marketers with a more efficient and modern platform is a top priority. We’re continuing to innovate the platform’s UX with enhancements to key functional areas, ranging from data management, reports, alerts and administrative configuration. 

Complete omnichannel messaging and orchestration  – Beyond recent enhancements to our market-leading SMS capability, which is integrated into Act-On journeys and reporting, we’ve extended our e-mail capabilities to include event-triggered-emails from external systems. This includes both transactional (e.g. delivery receipts) and commercial (e.g. shopping cart abandonment) emails.  

Security enhancements and industry certifications to protect customer data – Protecting our customer’s data is an imperative for Act-On. We’ve invested in ISO27001 Certification (targeting Q2) and 3rd Party Annual ISO27001 Security Audits. Act-On is also aiming to gain HiTRUST (HIPAA) and TXRamp Certifications in 2022.

Continued investment in integrations ensuring ecosystem support – Marketers require multiple integrations in their MarTech stacks, and Act-On is increasing our investment in integrations with companies like Zendesk, focusing on robust reporting insights between integrated systems.  We also launched Apple Privacy Mail Protection, which flags if a user’s email was opened by proxy through Apple’s new Mail Privacy Protection. This gives marketers the most accurate metrics on open-rates, which can be clouded by Apple’s privacy enhancements.


Going forward, Act-On will continue its focus to provide marketers with key insights on the performance of their campaigns, so they optimize their investments and can easily share the impact of their work across their organizations. 

With a keen eye for detail and a sharp focus on product, Act-On is determined to shake up the market and reach marketers who feel the solutions they were promised are no longer serving them. In fact, Act-On has increased our focus and spent significant resources enhancing our teams and agency partnerships to provide a safe passage for customers switching to Act-On after leaving legacy providers. 

With its ever-evolving product line, robust partner program, and championing of the marketer, Act-On is punching above its weight against martech giants Marketo and Pardot. Act-On will continue emphatically leaning into its re-energized identity as a rebel in the martech industry and is looking forward to serving new customers who have been disenfranchised by and disappointed with their current providers.To learn more about Act-On Software, visit


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Act-On Software provides solutions that empower marketers to engage targets at every step of the customer lifecycle. Act-On makes customer data actionable so marketers can dream big and build smart, effective marketing programs to grow their businesses and generate higher customer lifetime value – all with the fastest time-to-value. For more information, visit Act-On Software.


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