Act-On Software Launches SMS Channel Backed By Full Power of Automation


First-of-kind, native solution in Act-On’s platform allows marketers to take full advantage of SMS as a primary automation channel 

Portland, OR April 28, 2021Act-On Software, the leading growth marketing automation platform, today launched SMS automated marketing to allow marketers to send “in-the-moment” messaging and create data-driven, automated SMS campaigns. Built directly into Act-On’s platform, the solution far surpasses other competitive offerings of SMS “bolt-ons” and empowers marketers to leverage SMS as a fully integrated, primary marketing automation channel. With the ability to build SMS automated campaigns ahead of time or send direct SMS messaging on the fly, Act-On users can now leverage the power of direct and personalized mobile engagement to improve the experience for their customers.

“Our focus has always been making our customers successful and our SMS automated marketing solution gives them the means to reach their audiences when and where it makes most sense,” said David Greenberg, chief marketing officer at Act-On. “With this new solution we aren’t simply checking a box and allowing our customers to send mobile alerts. We are providing growth-minded marketers the keys to an entirely new automation strategy to reach their audiences.”

Following the March 2021 $20 million funding announcement and a series of successful product innovations in the last year, Act-On’s SMS automated marketing solution is the latest investment in evolving the platform to meet the needs of modern marketers. With an ever-increasing need to communicate with customers in real-time, many messages require the immediacy of SMS. This includes sending messages detailing check-in information to hotels or restaurant reservations, purchase confirmations and estimated delivery dates, promotions and sweepstakes opportunities, system outages, appointment reminders, and beyond. Features of Act-On’s SMS solution include:

  • Behavioral Data, Segmentation, and Reporting: To support seamless, customer journey engagement, users can capture recipient behavioral data on delivered messages, responses, actions, and other details to improve targeting, segmentation, and SMS best practices.
  • Quick Sending: Whether SMS messaging is scheduled or needed in real-time, marketers can pre-build automated programs or send more immediate direct messages in a short period of time.
  • Simplified Content Creation: With an integrated opt-in list curator, a link shortener, and message composer with preview, Act-On makes SMS marketing as easy and intuitive as shooting off an email.
  • Easy Opt-In List Management: With simple opt-in list management, marketers can rely on Act-On to help manage key pieces of compliance with data protection regulations. 
  • Complete Performance Reporting: Users can capture recipient behavioral data on delivered messages, responses, actions, and other details to improve targeting, segmentation, and SMS best practices.

“Act-On’s SMS automated marketing solution is unlike any other solution on the market,” said Owen Pye of Rent One. “Currently, our solution is limited to sending mass texts, which have proven effective in some cases. With Act-On’s solution, we will be able to take full advantage of the channel and send time-sensitive messages to our customers when and where it matters most – their mobile phones.”

For more information about Act-On’s growth marketing solution and platform, visit To activate SMS automated marketing within your Act-On instance, please reach out to your account manager today.




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