Customer Experience Marketing

Improve customer centricity and customer satisfaction through targeted, personalized marketing campaigns.

Give ‘Em What They Want… With Great Customer Experience

Personalized Marketing Experiences

Build a more complete picture of your audience with data collection strategies and built-in tools that help you understand every customer touchpoint and interaction.

Forge long-lasting relationships and improve customer satisfaction by deploying compelling digital experiences defined by personal, meaningful brand interactions.

Deliver more relevant, targeted content and communications to your audience through automated tools that promote and enrich your brand across every channel.

How Does Act-On Help Me With Customer Experience Marketing?

Customer Experience Marketing
Customer Centricity

Our marketing automatin programs build customer knowledge and reinforce customer confidence from new prospects to first-time buyers to long-term loyalists. Delivering true customer centricity requires much more than simple maintenance. You need the right cadence of consistent and compelling content that speaks to each prospect and customer’s needs and interests. Our platform helps you create persuasive messaging that improves customer centricity and nurture great engagement.

Captivating Web and Landing Pages

With our customizable landing page templates and web forms, you can create immersive experiences that captivate your audience and keep them coming back for more. With deep insights into your customers’ and visitors’ identities, interests, actions, and needs, our automated tools give you the power to understand their interests, anticipate behaviors, and build more relevant and engaging customer experiences.

Customer Satisfaction

Delivering excellent customer satisfaction is one of the most underrated and overlooked aspects of customer experience marketing. It seems strange that something so critical would be so consistently forgotten, but it’s true. Many companies don’t have customer satisfaction, customer rewards, or NPS programs in place — and it shows with their ever-increasing churn rate. You can use Act-On to improve customer satisfaction through more personalized onboarding and training, follow-up surveys and product recommendations, and loyalty and rewards programs.

Streamlining Virtual and Physical Events

Build buzz around your events and keep the conversation going afterward with automated messaging customized for high-intent prospects and current customers. Whether it’s for an in-person conference or an online webinar, your pre-event engagement strategy can be the difference between a packed house and crickets. Our email marketing, SMS marketing, and social media automation provide the insights you need to target the right prospects and boost attendance.

Inspired Internal and Employee Communications

An effective communications strategy starts within. To support your organization’s health, steady growth, and sustained success, Act-On’s marketing automation and advanced digital solutions support effective internal communications. And with individualized cross-team messaging and social advocacy tools, you can keep your workforce in the loop, turn them into brand advocates, and strengthen your company culture.

Customer Experience Management

There’s a definite science behind customer experience management, especially when it comes to crafting engaging workflows and content. With Act-On, you can become the mad genius of your customer experience management initiatives with marketing automation, segmentation tools, and email and SMS marketing solutions. Uncover the actionable insights you need to manage the customer experience across every channel and throughout the entire lifecycle.

We achieved a 75% increase in qualified leads from our last event. There’s no way we could have accomplished this without Act-On!

 Siiri Hage, Director of Marketing (Piccaro)

How Can Customer Experience Marketing Help My Business?


 of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand
that provides personalized experiences.


of consumers say they only engage with personalized messaging.

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