Email Marketing Automation

Drive Awareness, Convert Great Leads, And Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences To Grow Your Business With Act-On’s Marketing Automation Product Features.

Personalized Email Automation for Every Consumer

Email marketing success is a top priority for every digital marketer, which is why we continue to innovate and update the best email marketing automation software on the market. Our Automated Journey Builder empowers you to easily map and construct your workflows, and our email design software allows you to create responsive messages that look great on any device. And with our world-class Email Deliverability Services Team at your disposal, you can rest assured that you’re always following email marketing best practices to achieve an awesome email reputation.

Automated Journey

The new and improved Automated Journey Builder is an engaging and intuitive email automation ecosystem that makes it simpler than ever to plan, process, deliver, track, analyze, and personalize all your communications workflows. This fully reimagined email feature allows you to execute complicated outbound campaigns that nurture prospects into sales-ready leads and engage your existing customers like never before.

Email Marketing Automation


Our enhanced transactional event-triggered email solution allows marketers to send personal and urgent messages based on individual customer actions in real time. With transactional event-triggered emailing, marketers can consolidate and manage all of their email automation needs in one location. This reduces management costs and communications gaps while ensuring brand consistency and providing better engagement tracking

Transactional Event-Triggered Email

Design & Templates

Make sure your emails arrive in the inbox and your sender reputation remains pristine with Act-On’s expert email deliverability services. Our deliverability experts will proactively monitor your business practices and email processes, spot potential issues, and solve any problems that arise. From a one-time consultation to ongoing management, we can provide the education and support you need to drive consistent, reliable email reputation metrics and email deliverability rates.

Email Marketing Design and Templates

Adaptive Sending

Not sure when to send your marketing emails? Remove the guesswork with Adaptive Sending. This innovative feature tracks and analyzes each contact’s behavior on when they open, click, and convert by the time of day and day of the week. Using this behavioral data, Adaptive Sending will automatically update your email send times based on your recipients’ individual preferences, increasing engagement and bolstering email deliverability.

Adaptive Sending

Deliverability & Reputation

Our email automation design features make it easy for marketers of all skillsets and experience levels to build and send engaging messages. Using a simple, sophisticated drag-and-drop interface, there is no HTML required (although that option is available) to create responsive emails that render and resonate on any device. Or, if you’re looking for email design inspiration, you can download one of our email automation templates from our ever-expanding catalog for quick and easy campaign creation.

Best Practices

Using Act-On’s email marketing automation solution and working with our email deliverability team will give you the tools and knowledge you need to orchestrate engaging, efficient, and effective outbound marketing campaigns that follow proven email marketing best practices. And by combining your creative spirit with our email automation technology, you will improve your email deliverability and generate more email marketing ROI.

Email Marketing Automation
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