Statistical Significance Calculator

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Are you wondering if a design or copy change impacted your email or landing page's conversion rate? Use this A/B testing tool to calculate the statistical significance of your A/B test to make truly data-driven decisions.

Statistical Significance Calculator

Samples Conversions CR%
A (Control)
B (Variant)
99-100% Results are highly significant (this is a sure thing).
95-98% Results are statistically significant (good enough for academic publishing).
90-94% Results tend toward statistical significance (good for a rough sense).
51-89% Results are not statistically significant (could just be a fluke).
<= 50% Results are not statistically significant (likely a fluke).

* Results assume experiment was set up the correctly.
** Results calculated using the chi-squared statistical hypothesis test.

How to do A/B Testing

Read this guide for an A/B testing framework that will set you up for digital marketing success and learn how to use a/b testing statistics to deliver more personalized customer experiences, and drive more revenue while growing your business.

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