Rethink Marketing podcast: Creating a Successful Channel Partner Strategy

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Demand and Lead Generation

If you are a fast-growth company — or aspire to be one — the key to that growth is a successful channel partner strategy that results in an indirect sales force of hundreds of reps globally with only a few actually on the payroll.

But how do you develop your channel partnerships? Does this apply for service companies, as well as product companies?

We recently had Nick Jordan on the Rethink Marketing podcast, where he talked about building a successful channel partner strategy. Nick is the CMO of Logic Inbound, an SEO agency based in Seattle. He has helped build successful channel partner programs for his agency, as well as with Microsoft.

We cover what is a channel partner program, how to get started developing your program, and what to think about as you begin to scale it regionally, nationally, and globally.

And remember, a successful program will expand your business into new markets. It will increase the number of leads coming into your funnel. It will offer insights into what your target customers actually want. And you’ll boost your ROI and lower your CAC.

[podloveaudio src="" duration="19:37" title="Ep. 104 | Why Your Business Needs a Partner Program Strategy"]

Read the full transcript on the Rethink Marketing podcast episode page.


  1. Nick, can you tell us more about yourself and Logic Inbound?
  2. We’re here to talk about building partnerships with other companies that generate hundreds of thousands of dollars. In a sentence or two, can you tell us what you mean?
  3. Any examples?
  4. What constitutes a partnership?
  5. How do you know who is a good partner? And who is not a good partner?
  6. Is there such a thing as too many partners?
  7. How do you get the partnership conversation started?
  8. What expectations should be agreed upon before becoming partners?
  9. What are the metrics you want to track? How do you measure success?
  10. If a partnership is not working out, what are some strategies for breaking up?
  11. How do I learn more about you and Logic Inbound?