Six Signs It’s Time to Break Up With Your Marketing Automation Platform

Two cartoon conversation hearts. A broken one reads "marketing automation" and another features the Act-On logo.

That nagging feeling that something’s not quite right. That little voice in your head saying you deserve better. That slowly rising sense of dread when you log into your user account. You guessed it—there may be trouble in marketing automation paradise.  Seriously, though: when you choose marketing automation software, you’re choosing an important partner. Teams […]

Best Manufacturing Marketing Examples to Inspire in 2023

Jargon. It’s easy to get lost in it. The world of heavy industry is rife with manufacturing marketing examples that show what happens when jargon distracts from clear communication. Marketing something incredibly technical, scientific, or just plain complicated presents a serious challenge. It takes not just great communication skills and marketing savvy, but also a […]

The Hottest Marketing Automation Trends for 2023

Wouldn’t it be nice if your buyers were predictable? If they’d always follow the same path to purchase, and you could easily predict their behaviors and purchasing patterns? It would make marketing and closing deals much easier, that’s for sure. But as you know, prospects and customers aren’t predictable. Their buying patterns, channel interactions, and […]

Act-On in Action: How Act-On Helped Me Gain Autonomy as a Marketer

How Act-On Helped Me Gain Autonomy as a Marketer Blog Image

When I graduated college, I thought I had a pretty good idea about the marketing landscape. But, when the marketing department at my first job implemented Marketo, I realized something was missing from my education: marketing automation. This article shares my career growth story, working in Marketo, then HubSpot, and now Act-On for marketing automation. […]