Oracle Eloqua Alternatives: Time to Take A Serious Look at Act-On

Oracle Eloqua claims to be the top of the marketing automation heap. But they need to fight us for the title.
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Oracle claims their Eloqua platform is the best marketing automation software—we have a bone to pick with the dinosaur about that one. And we’re not the only ones: Act-On beats Eloqua in a head-to-head match-up based on G2 reviews of both platforms. (Did we mention we also knock out Oracle alternatives like Pardot and Marketo?). In fact, this summer, business software review aggregator G2 ranked Act-On as either Leader or the Best in Class in more than eight categories.

As marketers ourselves, we weren’t surprised. It’s the same thing we’ve been saying since we decided to come out swinging against Eloqua and others like them last year. Act-On is the simplest, most intelligent marketing automation platform. Plus, our estimated ROI compared to Oracle will make you the finance team’s new best friend. (Hello, budget increase?)

Most importantly, Act-On is still laser focused on innovating in marketing automation. We’re building AI into everything we do, to make marketer’s lives easier. Come talk to us about our product roadmap–in just the last year, we’ve made massive improvements to AI, UI, reporting, integrations, data structures, and more. Meanwhile, word on the street is Oracle has moved on from marketing innovation and stopped prioritizing Eloqua.

Old floppy disks isolated on white background. Top view of magnetic retro storage devices, colorful diskettes.
Feel like you’re stuck in the ’90s? You might be an Oracle Eloqua user…

Let’s dive deep and take a look at how Act-On and Oracle compare in three key dimensions: ease-of-use, return on investment, and support.

No Contest: Act-On is Easier to Use Than Oracle Eloqua

Easiest to Use Enterprise Summer 2023 G2 Badge
Best marketing automation software for ease-of-use, Enterprise.

What good is a marketing automation platform if your team can’t actually use it? This is the question Oracle is hoping you never ask. The truth is, Oracle’s interface is stuck in the 90s. Nostalgia can be fun, but it’s not what you want from a software that’s supposed to keep you on the leading edge of marketing technology. Even reviewers with positive feedback for Oracle see the user interface as being outdated and clunky.

Contrast this with Act-On, and you’ll feel like you just stepped into a time machine and made it back to the future. From drag-and-drop editors with Chat GPT built into the interface, to native CRM integrations (including with Oracle’s own NetSuite). Our intuitive journey builder set the stage for a new way of automating your marketing back when we introduced it, and it’s still the best in the game.

We’ve heard feedback from users that you basically need to be able to code HTML to be able to use Eloqua’s marketing automation. Wow. That sounds like a great solution … if this were 1999 and we were using a floppy disk full of free America Online minutes to dial up the world wide web and edit our Geocities page. Here in the 21st century? We’ll take a modern, intuitive user interface please. 

“It takes about half the time to create an email with Act-On as it does with Eloqua. That alone has been a tremendous help for us.”

-Ryan Saul, e.Republic

Act-On Beats Oracle Eloqua in Return on Investment

Best Est. ROI Enterprise Summer 2023
Best Estimated ROI, Enterprise.

Best estimated ROI, Enterprise.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t start by mentioning that Act-On costs less than Oracle. In a way, that’s not hard: Oracle is one of the more expensive marketing automation platforms on the market. It has a reputation for being expensive to buy and expensive to run. At the lowest pricing tier you’ll be limited to fewer contacts, fewer users, and a lack of core marketing automation features.

Meanwhile, Act-On’s active contacts pricing model is easy to understand and even easier to love. Charging you only for the amount of contacts you send to is just plain fair, and it makes it easier to prove and calculate ROI. We save Eloqua customers 40-60% in contract costs and total cost of ownership.*

How do we do it? Well, we don’t use tiered pricing for core functionality. You’ll get all the features and support you need to engage, nurture, and convert leads across the customer lifecycle with marketing automation. But price isn’t everything. As a savvy marketer, you understand that cost isn’t as important as value for money and documenting return on investment. Luckily, we have Eloqua beat there also.

Act-On includes built-in ROI reporting to analyze your data and attribute revenue to each of your marketing touch points. You’ll know exactly which campaigns generated the most leads, deals, and revenue, making it easier to prove and improve your team’s ROI.

“With the metrics and ability to track what goes on we are able to show management real ROI, help our sales team grow their pipeline, and bring metrics that help our team make better decisions more quickly.”

-Actual G2 Reviewer

Act-On Support vs Oracle Eloqua: A Whole Different Ball Game

Best Support Enterprise Summer 2023 G2 Badge
Best marketing automation support, Enterprise.

Companies like Avery Dennison trust us to manage automation for their worldwide business units and thousands of employees. James Moat, their global director of corporate and business communications, said, “Act-On is a true partner. Their support is amazing, and their team provides feedback and insight that helps us meet our challenges. They’re part of the Avery Dennison family, and just as committed to reaching our goals as we are.”

Sniff. Sniff. Oh, sorry, excuse us, we got something stuck in our eye. Ok, back to support. Our independent research (not to mention the reviews online) shows that Oracle support has become extremely difficult to work with— and that’s if you can even reach someone in the first place. We do things a little differently here at Act-On.

We think of it this way: our job is to make your marketing a success. When you need help, we respond like the Bat Signal has gone off. Real humans committed to your business goals are on the way (Batmobile not included), whether it’s via phone, chat, or email request. 

Check out these quotes from online reviews that show our commitment to support compared to that other platform:

Act-On technical support always surpasses my expectations. I have put to the test many times the ability to reach support over chat and to get expert advice any time of the day 24×7. Last week I had an urgent question… Within 5 minutes of posting my question on the support chat I had clear directions, including screenshots, on how to do it. Act-On tech support is a step above the rest.

-An actual G2 Reviewer

I would strongly consider utilizing … other marketing automation platforms instead of Oracle’s Eloqua. Since the acquisition they have become unreasonable and it shows in the platform. When you’re unable to even send out basic emails and they don’t want to propose solutions it goes to show how fall they have fallen from once being a top tier marketing automation platform.

-An actual G2 Reviewer

Ready to stop time traveling?

Set up a demo today to learn more about how Act-On can make it easier for you and your team to meet your goals, not become masters of automation programming.

Need more information? We knew you were smart: more information on Act-On vs. Oracle Eloqua, including details on how we make CRM integrations easy, and how the migration from Oracle will be a lot smoother than you think. 

*All Oracle intelligence based on independent research conducted by a third party and commissioned by Act-On.

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