Email Sender Name Best Practices for Marketing

Email sender name best practices illustrated by woman at laptop and icons of software windows

The email marketing sender name or “from” name might seem like a small thing, but following best practices for display names can make a big difference in how your email is received.

Planning for a Successful Holiday Email Marketing Campaign

holiday deliverability

A guest post from Brandon Blair and Travis Wetherbee on our Deliverability Team The holidays are the busiest time for email marketers and 2022 is going to be no different. This is the time of the year where volume and frequency are adjusted to try and meet those year end goals. At that same time we […]

Apple MPP Adapt Series: Hide My Email

apple mpp hide my email

The Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) feature from Apple has ushered in new changes for email marketers. These changes, ranging from data acquisition to general user privacy, force marketers to adapt and evolve their best practices. One of the latest updates is the Hide My Email (HME) feature, which will certainly affect marketing email collection and […]