Growth ‘21: The Premier Growth Marketing Automation Conference

Kyle McCarthy
Marketing Strategy


As part of our mission to help every marketer go beyond the lead and grow your own way, Act-On is hosting Growth ‘21, the premier growth marketing automation conference, this spring!

We would love for you to join us on May 25 and 26 as we host three world-renowned keynote speakers and present nearly 20 individual strategy sessions and workshops.

What Is Growth ‘21?

Growth ‘21 is a growth marketing automation conference presented by Act-On. The conference will take place during the mornings of Tuesday, May 25 and Wednesday, May 26. Growth ‘21 is open to marketers of all skill sets and experience levels (including customers and non-customers alike), and every session is 100% free to attend. 

This is a virtual conference — but thanks to our platform, content, and guests, this will be a highly interactive event that will engage, educate, and excite every attendee. We’d love for you to join us as we explore how marketers, teams, and businesses can combine great technology with innovative strategies to deliver personalized customer experiences that extend the customer lifecycle and elevate their brand. 

We’re developing two distinct tracks for both days of the event (plus a customer-only track on Day 2!), so attendees are welcome to pick and choose whichever sessions they’re most interested in. Here’s how we’re going to break it down.

Growth Marketing Strategies

The strategic event track will focus on every facet of the modern growth marketing approach. This mix of half-hour and hour-long strategy sessions will dig deep into how you can consistently elevate your brand by delivering exceptional customer experiences. During these discussions, we’ll explore proven best practices and innovative use cases you can leverage to springboard your personalized and automated customer journeys.

Growth Marketing Workshops

Whether you’re new to growth marketing practices or a seasoned pro, this track will focus on how you can augment and sharpen your marketing automation skills with tactical workshops designed to help you implement and execute personalization at scale. We’ll go beyond growth marketing as a concept to examine exactly how you can maximize the power of automation every day by orchestrating tailored experiences with customized content and messaging. 

Why Attend Our Growth Marketing Automation Conference?

Growth ‘21 will be unlike any other virtual marketing conference you’ve ever attended. We’re planning an interactive, integrated series of workshops, breakout sessions, and in-depth strategy discussions designed to spark your curiosity and fuel your marketing machine for the foreseeable future. 

We don’t want to lecture to you; we want to learn with you, and that’s exactly what we hope to achieve on May 25 and 26. Over the course of two half-days, you’ll have the opportunity to attend three phenomenal keynotes (including SparkToro Co-Founder, Rand Fishkin, along with two other soon-to-named marketing geniuses) and attend 20 individual strategy and breakout sessions on wide-ranging topics, such as:

  • How the digital transformation impacts the growth marketing revolution
  • Common and creative marketing automation use cases
  • Personalizing the customer journey at scale
  • Building more engaging multi-channel nurture programs
  • Getting more out of your MarTech stack
  • Using data to inform your holistic marketing strategies
  • The art and science of scoring and segmentation

And that’s just Day 1!

What to Expect During Growth ‘21

You don’t have to be an Act-On customer to get a ton of value from Growth ‘21. You don’t even need to be that familiar with marketing automation. All you need is the desire to learn more and participate with your fellow marketers as we help each other uncover effective solutions to critical business challenges.

Again, this marketing automation conference is on-the-house, so you can pick and choose the sessions you want to attend guilt-free. Growth ‘21 is also 100% virtual, which means you can spend back-to-back days in your pajamas (we won’t judge) while learning new skills that will make you a better marketer and add real value to your organization.

And, perhaps the best part, you have the chance to attend three world-class keynote speakers as they discuss the latest and greatest growth marketing trends — and how you can put them to work for your organization!

How to Register for Growth’21: The Premier Growth Marketing Automation Conference

So get comfortable, grab the beverage of your choice, and join us on May 25 and 26 for Growth ‘21: North America’s premier growth marketing automation conference. Learning caps are a must, but other than that, feel free to attend in your PJs if that’s more your thing!

Registration for Growth ’21 is now closed, if you’d like to learn more about the Act-On platform and our growth marketing automation solutions, please click here to schedule a free demo with one of our automation experts today.