Customer Onboarding

The Post Purchase Customer Journey Begins With Great Onboarding Software. Act-On Automates Personalized Onboarding Campaigns, Reducing Customer Churn And Strengthening Relationships.

Thorough Training for Long-Lasting Relationships

With Act-On, you can streamline and scale your customer onboarding and training initiatives to showcase your brand’s value and convert customers into lifelong advocates while reducing customer churn. Designed to optimize the post purchase customer journey and improve the entire onboarding experience, Act-On’s customer onboarding software enables marketers to deliver and track engagement with educational and training campaigns that empower your customers to get the most out of your products and services.

Deliver a Great Onboarding Experience

"We use our content marketing to prove our expertise to our customers and ensure they’re equipped to make educated decisions."

How Does Act-On Help With Post Purchase Customer Journey?

Drive the Post Purchase Customer Journey

Improving the post-purchase customer journey can help your clients get the most out of your products and services. But without the right tools, providing a great onboarding experience can be tough — if not impossible. With Act-On, you can fully automate the post-purchase customer journey by segmenting your customers based on purchase history, timelines, preferences, and even customer feedback!

Personalize the Onboarding Experience

Define how you personalize the customer onboarding experience — whether that be through automated educational programs, customer progress tracking, or individual training and follow-up. By understanding pain points and behaviors, you can deliver customized education and training campaigns, reducing customer churn, securing brand affinity, and driving additional purchases and renewals.

Plan and Execute Training Events

Act-On can help you orchestrate the entire customer onboarding experience — including planning, building, coordinating, and tracking all of your online and in-person training sessions. Landing pages, forms, social media tools, and webinar integrations help you train your customers and measure your success. And our marketing automation programs make it easy to ensure retention, adoption, and overall success.

Reduce Customer Churn

Smart customers aren’t simply born; they’re made through efficient and effective training programs and platforms. Good customer onboarding software results in better education and stronger product adoption, reducing customer churn and extending the customer lifecycle. Gain everything you need to train your customers and ensure that they get the most out of your products and services.

Can Reducing Customer Churn Help My Business?

Onboard and train customers with dedicated nurture programs built around their behavior and purchase histories to drive usage and retention. Using automated tools that improve messaging, segmentation, targeting, and content delivery, you can distribute educational campaigns that provide real value for your audience. And since everything is automated, you can set these programs to run like clockwork, allowing you to focus on strategy — saving you time, money, and resources.

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