Loyalty Marketing

Build Authentic Connections With Comprehensive Customer Loyalty Programs That Improve Your Word Of Mouth Marketing And Overall Customer Advocacy.

Reward Your Customers’ Brand Loyalty

Today’s happy customers are tomorrow’s brand champions, and nothing improves your word of mouth marketing efforts than true customer advocacy. Act-On empowers marketers to build authentic connections through holistic customer loyalty programs that educate customers, improve engagement, and drive expansive growth from within.

Improved Loyalty Marketing

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"We’re now able to provide greater value to our clients who then become more loyal and expand their business with us."

How Does Act-On Help Me With Loyalty Marketing?

Customer Loyalty Programs

By deploying automated customer loyalty programs through Act-On, you can show your appreciation for your clients and incentivize long-term engagement. Our automated analytics tools provide the in-depth insights you need to score and segment your top customers and then develop effective and innovative customer loyalty programs. Personalize your messaging, recommendations, and incentives, and track behavior in-real time to improve over time.

Customer Advocacy

Give your most supportive and enthusiastic clientele a virtual megaphone with simple and effective customer advocacy programs. With Act-On, you can transform happy customers into brand advocates leveraging marketing automation to create customized messaging, content, and surveys that reveal customer satisfaction and enable deeper affinity between your brand and your fans. By inspiring new customer advocates to raise awareness about your offerings, you’ll enhance your brand reputation and exceed your customers’ needs.

Customer Engagement Campaigns

Orchestrating great customer engagement campaigns helps you to foster long-term customer connections that will drive your loyalty marketing efforts for years to come. Jumpstart these conversations with Act-On’s behavioral tracking tools and leverage the data to craft informative and actionable customer engagement campaigns and personalized content. Show your customers the value of your products, best practices for maximizing their use, and exciting promotions for upcoming offerings.

Word of Mouth Marketing

The digital revolution hasn’t lessened the importance of word of mouth marketing; it has increased it exponentially. Ensuring great customer advocacy through online and in-person reviews and referrals is not only more important than ever, though. It’s also never been easier, especially with Act-On’s word of mouth marketing tools. Use our marketing automation platform to promote brand awareness, drive more sales and revenue, and increase customer advocacy through great NPS and referral programs.

How Can Loyalty Marketing Help My Business?

Deliver high-performing brand loyalty and rewards programs that engage your customers and convert them into brand advocates. Our loyalty solutions can help you entice customers to buy from you again and again and sing your praises to their friends and family online and in person. Our automated welcome and transaction campaign tools keep your audience engaged and can generate email engagement rates above 60%.

We ❤ Our Customers