Customer Journey

Curate and personalize the customer journey to play a more active and effective role in educating your audience throughout the customer lifecycle.

Map the Customer Journey to Extend and Amplify the Customer Lifecycle

Automated Customer Journeys

Nurture leads and accelerate the customer journey by segmenting contact lists and optimizing engagement through personalized, relevant, timely messaging that addresses pain points, interests, behavior, and purchase intent.

Use customer journey management to optimize your engagement, messaging, and interactive elements to clear a path to conversion for every customer.

Enhance the customer experience with relevant, timely targeting and messaging using tools that evaluate and improve your data and programs.

Educate your customers and drive them along the buyer’s journey through automated programs that use conditional logic and dynamic content to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Create interactive web experiences with optimized forms and landing pages that capture visitor behavior and inform segmentation and personalized messaging.

How Do Act-On’s Tools Help Me With Customer Journey Management?

Customer Journey Mapping
Build Actionable Customer Personas

By leveraging Act-On’s demand generation features, data management tools, and CRM integrations, you can gather the information you need to build accurate and engaging customer personas. Use these customer personas to deliver personalized campaigns to target audiences throughout the customer lifecycle, and continue to tweak and improve them over time as you gather more data through progressive profiling, lead scoring, and account-based marketing.

Map the Customer Journey

Effective customer journey mapping is the key to expanding your funnel and extending the customer lifecycle. Every customer journey is different, so capturing actionable data is crucial because it allows you to segment your campaigns and personalize your messaging content. Using your customer personas and Act-On, you can create a visual representation of the customer journey across all of your marketing channels and mediums so you always deliver against each customer’s specific needs and interests.

Elevate Customers Into Brand Champions

Cultivating brand champions requires time, attention, nuance, and dedication. A proactive, automated campaign delivered through an optimized customer journey gives you actionable insights into customer satisfaction — helping you conserve resources and increase enthusiasm. And by extending your customer journey mapping beyond the point of purchase, you can turn everyday consumers into lifelong brand champions.

Extend the Customer Journey

To make the most of our platform and drive immediate and long-term business growth, you need to extend the customer journey. From awareness to purchase to advocacy, your mode of campaign execution (and the messaging and content you deliver) is the driving force that propels customer loyalty and retention. Thankfully, Act-On has everything you need to build customer personas, develop customer journey mapping strategies, and extend the customer lifecycle.

Our customers feel like we’re speaking to their needs. Act-On has allowed us to take them on a unique journey.

Catherine Hess, Senior Marketing Manager (Absolute Exhibits)

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