SaaS Marketing

Achieve Your B2B SaaS Marketing Goals Faster And More Efficiently By Developing Automated Programs That Let You Test, Learn, Engage, And Convert.

SaaS Marketing Automation at the Speed of Now

In the tech industry, the “new” thing can become old news overnight. To ensure that your innovations reach your target audience in time, you need to deliver targeted campaigns through powerful tools that drive measurable results. With our automated platform, you can use marketing software as a service to generate and gather consumer data, segment your audience, and build customized digital experiences that drive measurable growth for your tech company — at the speed of now. With our wide array of funnel, campaign, and revenue attribution tools, our platform makes it easy to prove and share your ROI — and export your data into your own BI tool.

Increase Customer Retention With Great Onboarding

Use the information you collect through your Act-On/CRM integration to launch new customer welcome and onboarding campaigns as soon as you close the deal — sharing helpful information that educates your customers across various fronts.

Maximize Lead Acquisition Targets

By combining our gated content tools with automated programs, you can capture new leads, keep them engaged throughout the buyer journey, and convert them into loyal customers and brand champions.

Gain Visitor Insights to Deliver Targeted Messaging

Our Website Prospector tool allows your team to identify who is visiting your site, where they came from, what they viewed, and more — providing actionable insights to align your marketing efforts with your audiences’s interests.

Execute Your B2B SaaS Marketing Strategy

Our personalization and segmentation tools make it easy to craft customized messages for every recipient. Bring your SaaS marketing strategy to life with Act-On.

"Act-On helps us create messages that reflect the specific need of our buyers, which makes our programs more effective."
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