Product Marketing

Act-On’s product marketing features help you improve and execute your go-to-market plans and deliver powerful product launch email sequences.

Get The Word Out With Great Product Launch Software

New Products & Services

Launch phenomenal go-to-market programs with optimized nurturing and targeted emails delivered at the perfect time across multiple channels.

Keep your customers informed, engaged, and involved by sharing product news, demonstrations, and best practice use cases.

Measure your program’s impact with engagement reporting, event metrics, new leads and contacts, and conversion rates. Share the details through our sales enablement tools.

How Does Act-On Help With Product Marketing?

Product Launch Email Sequence
Execute Better GTM Plans

Power your go-to-market plans for new products, services, solutions, and enhancements by delivering relevant messaging to the perfect audience at the ideal time. Maximize your product marketing efforts by generating excitement and demand among targeted customers, industry influencers, and the marketplace as a whole.

Efficient Product Launch Email Sequences

With Act-On’s Automated Journey Builder, you can deliver more intuitive and personalized product launch email sequences. Use all of our automated workflow features to rise above the noise and reach your current and future customers. Regardless of the nature of your launch, our platform can help you generate palpable excitement with efficient product launch email sequences.

Drive Your Next Product Launch

Every successful product launch helps your audiences understand what’s new with your brand, features, and functionality. An effective product launch also helps you build anticipation and excitement to buy or upgrade. With in-product messaging, you can create instant awareness and ensure your customers are primed to make the purchases they didn’t even know they needed!

Holistic Sales Enablement Tools

To reach your product marketing goals, you need great sales enablement tools. And with Act-On’s full suite of best-in-class integrations, you can learn what motivates consumers to visit your site, research your offerings, and make a purchase. You can also influence these decisions with timely and accurate marketing workflows and sales communications — and it all starts with the right sales enablement tools and marketing automation solutions.

By expanding our use of Act-On, we’re able to remain relevant as we work on new initiatives and our marketing needs grow.

Evan McKenzie, Marketing Manager (TCP Training)

How Can Product Marketing Help My Business?

Keep the Momentum Going

The new product clock doesn’t stop after launch. Capitalize on the momentum your launch generates by tracking purchase, engagement, and adoption behaviors while measuring valuable feedback to assess go-to-market campaign and product performance.

Accurate Outreach Analysis

Our platform will help you understand and measure the impact of your launch tactics by assessing email outreach reporting, event and webinar metrics, new leads and contacts, and conversion rates.


Marketers who incorporate digital marketing campaigns into their
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