Seriously Smart SiriusDecisions Takeaways

Events Marketing

Editor’s Note: Our Girl in Nashville (aka Paige Musto, our corporatPaige Mustoe communications director) is at the Grand Ole Opry attending the SiriusDecisions 2015 Summit. Here are a few of the choice bits she’s heard this week:

Tony Jaros, SVP and Chief Research Officer, SiriusDecisions: “3 areas of enormous change from 2006 to today: [inlinetweet prefix=”Change:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware #SDSummit” suffix=”]Infrastructure, Best Practices & Organization[/inlinetweet].” @tjaros

[inlinetweet prefix=”Long-term: ” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware ” suffix=”#SDSummit”]”It’s not about the lap, it’s about the race.” @tjaros[/inlinetweet]

“Things have changed, [inlinetweet prefix=”Things have changed” tweeter=”” suffix=”@tjaros #SDSummit”]but you can still dominate[/inlinetweet]. Understand though that the buyer has changed too.” @tjaros

Magic Johnson, basketball player. (Three NBA MVP Awards, nine NBA Finals appearances, twelve All-Star games, and ten All-NBA First and Second Team nominations.)

“I had to admit to myself that I didn’t know business [that’s why [inlinetweet prefix=”Magic says: #” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware #SDSummit” suffix=”@ActOnSoftware #SDSummit”]mentors are key[/inlinetweet]].” @MagicJohnson

“I really hated Larry Bird – for real, but he made me a [inlinetweet prefix=”Magic sez” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware SDSummit” suffix=”]better basketball player[/inlinetweet] & a better man.” @MagicJohnson

[inlinetweet prefix=” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDSummit”]”I want to over-deliver for my customers so they become returning customers & brand ambassadors.” @MagicJohnson[/inlinetweet]

Audience Polling Question:

[inlinetweet prefix=”Q:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware ” suffix=”#SDSummit”]Would you purchase #predictiveanalytics again? 98% of buyers said yes[/inlinetweet].” #SDSummit

 Audience Polling Question:

[inlinetweet prefix=”Q:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDSummit”]How new is your channel marketing program? 31.4% said relatively new[/inlinetweet].”

Laz Gonzalez, Service Director, Channel Management Strategies, SiriusDecisions: [inlinetweet prefix=” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDSummit”]”#Channel needs a seat at the product table[/inlinetweet] – make the product ready for partners!” @LazGonzalez

“Your [inlinetweet prefix=” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDSummit”]channel program should include #ChannelSales + #ChannelMarketing + #ChannelOperations[/inlinetweet].” @LazGonzalez

[inlinetweet prefix=” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDSummit”]”Not having a flexible blueprint can impact a #ChannelProgram’s ability to support company initiatives.” @LazGonzalez[/inlinetweet]

Jay Famico, Practice Director, Technology and Services, SiriusDecisions: [inlinetweet prefix=” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”]”#CustomerMarketing technology set to explode in the coming years.” @JayFamico[/inlinetweet] [inlinetweet prefix=” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDSummit”]”Easily accessible pricing indexes for enterprise purchasing will be the norm.” @JayFamico[/inlinetweet] [inlinetweet prefix=” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDSummit”]”#DemandCreation is my favorite quadrant with the emergence of new technologies.” @JayFamico[/inlinetweet] [inlinetweet prefix=” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDSummit”]”Product Managers are laggards when it comes to technology; they use what Product Development uses.” @JayFamico[/inlinetweet] [inlinetweet prefix=” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDSummit”]”Product Managers will become more accountable as they adopt their own systems.” @JayFamico[/inlinetweet]

“[inlinetweet prefix=” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware @JayFamico” suffix=”#SDSummit”]PMs will move away from #OfficeProductivity tools to their own systems[/inlinetweet] – they need to use dedicated tech to power the org.” @JayFamico

[inlinetweet prefix=” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDSummit”]”Product technology spend won’t ever be as high as sales tech or marketing tech spend.” @JayFamico[/inlinetweet]

Audience Polling Question:

[inlinetweet prefix=”Q:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDSummit”]Will your tech budget increase over the next year? 70% said tech spend to increase.” @JayFamico[/inlinetweet]

Megan Heuer, Vice President and Group Director, Sirius Decisions: Advocacy — Your best salespeople aren’t on payroll, they’re your customer advocates! [inlinetweet prefix=”Megan Heuer:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDsummit”]Buyers are people, not targets[/inlinetweet]. #sdsummit @megheur

Julian Archer, Research Director, SiriusDecisions: “Events — Most [inlinetweet prefix=”Julian Archer:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDsummit”]organizations “do” events without first defining a vision[/inlinetweet] for the event experience.” @JulianArcher #SDSummit

Matt Senatore, Research Director, SiriusDecisions: “We don’t have the right to win [advocates] if we haven’t delivered initially.” @MattSenatore on [inlinetweet prefix=”Matt Senatore:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDsummit”]why #CX starts day 1. #SDSummit[/inlinetweet] [inlinetweet prefix=”Matt Senatore:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDsummit”]”It’s not about finding success right out the gate; it’s about building momentum, to allow for innovation later.” @MattSenatore[/inlinetweet] on launching products. #SDSummit

[inlinetweet prefix=”Matt Senatore:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDsummit”]Pro tip for building a post-sale engagement framework: Don’t overcomplicate. Wise words from @MattSenatore #SDSummit[/inlinetweet]

From @MattSenatore: [inlinetweet prefix=”Matt Senatore:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDsummit”]Successful #CX in a new market relies on adaptation. Adapt to survive, adapt to thrive. #SDSummit[/inlinetweet]

Building an audience means building a case:[inlinetweet prefix=”Now:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDsummit”] “It’s about emphasizing usage, access, & value.” (@MattSenatore)[/inlinetweet]

If [inlinetweet prefix=”Get engagement:” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDsummit”]prioritize relevance & differentiation[/inlinetweet] you’ll get customers that are engaged, not apathetic; “That’s your ice cream.” (@MattSenatore) #SDSummit

[inlinetweet prefix=”Now: ” tweeter=”@ActOnSoftware” suffix=”#SDsummit”]New buyers need indirect endorsements to believe in products [/inlinetweet]– create communities wherever you go. (@MattSenatore) #SDSummit

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