Use Video Viewing Data to Improve Lead Qualification and Conversions

Content Marketing

Marketing automation may be changing the way you interact with customers and qualify their interests, but what happens when a prospect watches one of your videos? If they’re pressing play on your product video, and your marketing automation system doesn’t know about that, then you’re missing out – big time.

According to Lee Odden on Toprank, 70% of B2B content marketers are using video in their marketing mix, and using video on your landing pages can increase conversion by up to 80%. Customers are interacting with your videos every day, and with the right video marketing platform you can start using video engagement data to have a big impact on your marketing automation programs. Here’s how:

Segment Your Leads Based On Viewing Behavior

Your marketing team has just produced a highly targeted explainer video showcasing one of the most powerful features your product has to offer. If someone watches this video all the way to the end, they’re now one of your hottest leads. Turn this video data into targeted follow-ups, and segment your leads based on their viewing behavior.

Take everyone who watches more than 50% of your new product video, and follow up with a demo request email. Segment prospects who watched last year’s Christmas video, and send them a friendly holiday greeting. Build a list of every prospect who watched less than ten percent of your pricing video, and have sales reach out with customized pricing options. Knowing who watched your videos and for how long gives you the power to take your content from passive educational resources into active lead qualification tools.

Video Viewer Behavior Report

Lead Scoring Has Never Been Better

When someone downloads your latest whitepaper, you probably add a few points to their lead score. Same goes for opening your email newsletter. But what happens when someone watches your pricing or product video? Or watches all 40 minutes of your latest webinar recording? Prospects that watch your videos are giving you their undivided attention, and their lead score should reflect this.

Adding video engagement data to your lead scoring model allows you to better qualify interested prospects, and helps those that are demonstrating higher engagement in your content stand out above the rest. Here’s a sample lead scoring model for video interactions:

lead scoring example
Lead scoring for video viewing

With a video marketing platform in place, you’ll know which videos each prospect has watched and for how long, allowing you to score them more effectively and convert them through the funnel faster than ever. If watching your demo video leads to a higher chance of conversion, then program that action to add a big number to a prospect’s lead score, and make sure they rise to the top of your lead list.

Nurture Your Leads With Really Relevant Content

funnel_300px-01One of the big benefits of marketing automation is the ability to know what content your prospects are interacting with, and follow up automatically with the right message at the right time. If a prospect reads your latest blog post on trends in network security, send them an email with your most recent whitepaper on how your solution locks down the company intranet.

The same principle can be applied to video.

If a lead watches your four-minute demo video, your video marketing platform can feed this data into your marketing automation, allowing you to follow up instantly with more relevant content. Is one of your prospects watching all six of your testimonials? Trigger an email to sales, and turn that viewer into a customer!

Discover What’s Working and Drive Better Results

Now that you’re tracking video viewing data right inside your contact and customer records, you have the ability to attribute real revenue back to your video assets. When your prospect watches a video and fills out a demo form, you can attribute that demo to their interaction with your video. When that prospect turns into a paying customer, your video has now created pipeline, and revenue for your business. That’s powerful information, and knowing which videos are helping you generate leads, pipeline and revenue allows you to focus your video marketing efforts on what’s working, and get more value from your videos.

Video and marketing automation go together like peanut butter and jelly, and if you’re interested in turning your video assets into powerful, trackable marketing tools, Vidyard and Act-On are here to help. Our integration allows you to push real-time video viewing behavior into individual lead profiles, and start scoring, segmenting and nurturing your leads based on how they interact with your most compelling content.