Following its implementation of Act-On, Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science has automated 40% of all new marketing leads and dramatically cut down on manual tasks. Coupled with a robust connection with the Salesforce CRM through Act-On’s native integration, this new approach to marketing automation is adding up to significant gains in productivity for Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science marketing and sales.

Problems Solved

As Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science migrated its CRM system from Microsoft Dynamics to Salesforce, it was looking for a partner to facilitate synchronization between its ERP, CRM, and marketing data in a much more sophisticated manner. Integrating Act-On marketing automation with Salesforce solved a painful data integrity roadblock.

The initial drivers for Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science’s integration of Act-On with Salesforce were to automate lead creation for the majority of its digital sales enquiries and deploy a new data infrastructure. Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science wanted a solution that would enable more efficient processes via less manual intervention, and provide better insights into audience actions. In all, the new integrated softwares provide a better framework for future data strategies.

How We Helped


The deployment has delivered significant time-savings and has also brought closer alignment between sales and marketing. “Through the Act-On and Salesforce integration we were looking for enhanced visibility from a platform that would allow us to be more strategic with segmentation off the back of richer, interconnected data,” explains Global Digital Marketing Communications Manager, Kerry West.

“We also wished to drive closer alignment with our sales, marketing, and service teams to provide a smoother, richer customer experience. We wanted a deeper integration to precisely target and nurture customers at all stages in the buying journey and improve our ROI.

“Prior to implementation, we conducted robust benchmarking of Act-On, Pardot, HubSpot and Marketo. We had several demonstrations and discussions, specifically analyzing key criteria including CRM integration, reporting and analytics, administration (including segmentation and global use), and content creation. We were delighted to choose and continue to work with Act-On.”

The Act-On platform is now integral to our marketing operations.

Kerry West

Communications, Hitachi

We wanted a deeper integration to precisely target and nurture customers at all stages in the buying journey and improve our ROI.

Kerry West

Communications, Hitachi