“Without Act-On, this simply would not be possible.”

MedeAnalytics delivers performance management solutions across the healthcare system – including hospitals, physician practices and payers – to ensure accountability and improve financial, operational and clinical outcomes. They evaluated several automated marketing systems, with three key criteria in mind: simplicity, integration capability, and cost. They chose Act-On.

More quality leads than ever before…saves us hours of manual effort. We had big challenges.

Doug Hart

Associate Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications


“We looked at other marketing automation systems and I felt they were too complicated; I wanted to keep it simple so we could get up and running quickly. The beauty of Act-On is that it is simple to use without sacrificing breadth and depth of functionality,” said Doug.

“Productivity rose dramatically. Time and effort was reduced from days to hours on the webinars alone. Plus, the visibility we gained into our marketing efforts was remarkable. With Act-On, we can see exactly what’s working and tie it to ROI. And our inside sales group has a much more complete picture of prospect interest and activity, which greatly assists them in follow-up communications.”

“Act-On integrates WebEx with email and manages the whole process, from scheduling and promoting the webinar, to webinar follow-up emails and reporting. With Act-On, we’ve been able to really refine and improve the way we prepare for and conduct webinars, which has undoubtedly contributed to their success. 

We’ve had unprecedented numbers of webinar registrants and attendees resulting in more quality leads than ever before. The dynamic update of the Salesforce.com campaign statuses as people register and attend has saved us hours of manual effort. We are on track to host about 30 webinars this year, almost double the number of webinars over last year, and without Act-On, this simply would not be possible.”

Target the Right Email Recipients and Track Results

“Act-On lets us see which key clients to focus on. The overwhelming majority of our campaigns are email; we send one to three emails a week. With the rich text email editor and simple interface, our marketing managers can create professional-looking emails; we no longer have to rely on our graphics team. 

This significantly improves our efficiency and ability to create emails on the spot. With the marketing lists in Act-On and the integration with Salesforce.com, it’s easy to target the right email recipients and track results.

“Database management was one of our weakest areas. Before Act-On, we had no mechanisms in place to prevent duplication of records, which contributed to problems when we built campaigns and muddied the water when we tried to follow up on leads. 

Now, we import all records through Act-On to Salesforce.com. This has led to a significant reduction in new records added to Salesforce.com. Plus, the integration gives us a single, consolidated view of each prospect’s activities.”

“Act-On forms have provided us tremendous flexibility over Salesforce.com forms, and creating forms doesn’t require any special programming knowledge. Before Act-On, we were also using a third party form service as well as webinar registration through WebEx. Now we use Act-On for all new forms and are transitioning all older forms to Act-On.”

Choosing a System? Doug Hart’s Advice

Doug’s final recommendation: “Look for something you’ll actually use. Many solutions look good in the beginning but turn out to be difficult, so people resist having to use them…which makes them worthless. I use Act-On as my dashboard to track daily activities and obtain real?time feedback. We use Act-On every day.”

It was difficult to consolidate and decipher information pertaining to campaign management. We used manual or disjointed processes to upload data to Salesforce. com, send and track mass emails, and gather form data. It was cumbersome and inefficient, and it was difficult to track marketing activities or report results.

Doug Hart

Associate Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications


Get a demo and look for key functionality, simplicity and quick implementation. Act-On support has worked with us to maximize our use of the solution, so be sure to evaluate support capabilities.

Doug Hart

Associate Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications