industry: Manufacturing
Use Case: Personalized Digital Experiences

Picarro Creates Personalized Digital Marketing Experiences

Cutting-edge manufacturer boosts event engagement by 75% with personalized event marketing campaigns


Siiri Hage

Director of Marketing Communications

Success By the Numbers


massive overall increase in qualified leads as a result of holistic and automated event marketing strategy


increase in VIP event registration using advanced segmentation techniques to personalize engagement

Realized Business Value

  • Easy-to-build email and landing page templates streamline processes, decrease duplicate work, and drive engagement
  • Segmented automation makes it easier to focus on high-value key prospects with targeted messaging 
  • Aggregated engagement insights help Picarro’s marketing team create actionable campaigns

Pain Points

  • Looking to increase registrations and attendance at in-person events in order to build new relationships and strengthen existing customer bonds
  • Difficulty segmenting audiences and delivering personalized messaging due to lack of engagement data
  • Manual repetition of processes drained resources and created inconsistencies

Picarro is a leading provider of solutions to measure greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations, trace gases and stable isotopes across many scientific applications including indoor/outdoor air quality and climate change. Their portfolio enables scientists around the world to measure GHGs, trace gases and stable isotopes. Picarro’s industrial solutions range from mobile leak detection technology for utility companies to trace gas analysis for semiconductor fabrication and pharmaceutical isolators.

Executive Summary

Picarro is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gas analyzers that measure greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations, trace gases, and stable isotopes across many scientific applications — including indoor/outdoor air quality and climate change. 

Picarro is leveraging Act-On to create and execute highly engaging personalized digital experiences for both prospects and customers. With three divisions and a presence at over 40 trade show events each year, Picarro uses segmented automated email messaging programs to encourage their prospects and customers to engage with them at these in-person industry conferences.

These campaigns are segmented by traditional demographic and firmographic information, as well as by whether the recipients are new prospects or existing customers. Most importantly (and effectively), they’re using Act-On’s automation features to segment by email and online engagement to deliver more targeted communications based on how their recipients are interacting with Picarro’s messaging.

By using Act-On to deliver these digital communications, Picarro has seen a significant spike in engagement, attendance, and marketing qualified leads (MQLs). And by leveraging email and landing page templates within the Act-On platform, Picarro’s marketing team is able to replicate their efforts efficiently and consistently — which strengthens brand continuity, reduces manual efforts, and improves productivity.

“Act-On gave me the ability to create and manage custom lists with personalized messaging. We’ve seen a major uptick in our event registration and attendance – as well as a 75% increase in MQLs from our largest event.”

Siiri Hage, Director of Marketing Communications


Picarro wanted to deliver targeted automated messaging to engage with the right people at the right time, specifically those communications related to their robust event marketing initiatives. They knew that securing valuable event RSVPs and attendance would translate to increased and improved facetime with key customers and prospects, streamlined logistics, and more importantly, generate meaningful MQLs. 

Every year, the marketing team at Picarro, led by Siiri Hage (Director of Marketing Communications), attends dozens of in-person conferences to create brand awareness and network with their target audiences, build and strengthen relationships and partnerships, and drive more engagement around their products and services. In the past, however, Picarro was relegated to generic communications that lacked personalization and led to static lead generation and attendance at their corresponding receptions and tours.

In an effort to overcome these inefficiencies and streamline new business value, Siiri and her team began vetting potential marketing automation vendors. In addition to Act-On, she had previous experience using Hubspot, Marketo, and Eloqua but found our platform especially cost-effective and easy to use. “I’d used Act-On in the past and was very pleased with the inviting and intuitive interface,” Siiri said.

So, after re-engaging with the Act-On team, she decided to move forward with our growth marketing solution due to its strong features and functionality. “We were really attracted to Act-On’s Active Pricing model, which only charges us based on the contacts we are actively marketing to instead of our entire database.”

Targeted Segmentation Increases RSVPs to High-Profile Event by 27%

After successfully integrating Act-On with Netsuite CRM, Picarro was ready to execute their event marketing campaigns. 

Their biggest and most popular event on the annual calendar attracts 28,000 attendees, including the most prestigious universities and respected researchers in the world. So, Picarro knew they needed to make a splash. As one of the conference’s major exhibitors, the main priority was to boost foot traffic to their exhibition booth and further engage visitors by inviting them to their customer appreciation cocktail party and/or a tour of their nearby factory. 

They created an automated digital campaign with conditional logic that was segmented by their top customers, hottest prospects, and previous email engagement. They were able to send targeted automated messages to specific segments with invitations to their booth, a VIP cocktail reception, and factory tour. By creating automated suppression rules to prevent sending to anyone who’d already responded, they were able to optimize their outreach with no additional manual work or customer fatigue. This suppression allowed the Picarro team to promote their events and put those who’d RSVP’d into a follow-up cadence with reminders and meal preferences. 

After letting the program run its course, Siiri and her team were able to review the data in Act-On to determine exactly who had RSVP’d to which sub-events and then prep their sales team accordingly. They also had a full understanding of granular and high-level data through Act-On’s out-of-the-box reporting.

The result? Their VIP cocktail reception attracted 56% more attendees than the previous year due to their precise segmentation and targeted messaging. And since they were able to deliver their communications to specific audiences who were familiar with Picarro, their engagement and email deliverability rates were exceptional. Perhaps most importantly, they were able to achieve these numbers with less manual effort because of their ability to easily set up the conditional logic within the automated campaign.

Leveraging Previous Engagement Data Increases Factory Tours by 29%

Now that they had an RSVP list and valuable engagement data to work with, Picarro went back to the drawing board to develop new audience segments for their factory tour campaign. Driving attendance to the tour is paramount for Picarro, as this valuable in-person facetime strengthens relationships, leading to more business and an accelerated sales cycle. 

Again, Siiri’s team used Act-On to segment their most important prospects and customers based on prospect intent and existing customer relationships. This time, however, they were also able to segment based on contacts who had already signed up for their cocktail party as well as individuals who interacted with their previous emails but didn’t commit to an RSVP. 

Using this information, they sent an automated series of personalized emails to each audience segment inviting them to join the Picarro team for a factory tour and lunch. When an email recipient signed up for the event, they were immediately sent an automated trigger email letting them know they were added to the list and asking about their lunch preferences. This level of attention to the customer experience delighted their audience, kept them even more engaged, and helped encourage commitment and better attendance.

Said Siiri, “Things only got easier the second time around. The more we were in the tool, the more effective we became. In fact, we got to the point where we could build once and then deliver, two, three, four times — which made us faster, stronger, and more effective.”

The factory tour campaign exceeded expectations with a 29% increase in attendees, all of whom were part of their target audience — academic leaders and innovative researchers.

Early Promising Results Excite Picarro to Take Their Marketing to the Next Level with Act-On

This high-profile event marked Picarro’s most in-depth use of Act-On’s powerful platform to perform this level of automation and segmentation. Siiri noted that Act-On made it easy for them to build engaging emails with relevant messaging and sophisticated targeting. “We custom-built our email and landing page templates in Act-On, which is easy to use and made it simple to replicate,” said Siiri. “Act-On allowed us to keep it fresh and familiar with our audience.” Picarro plans to apply this same high-touch engagement approach to the other industry events they prioritize as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Picarro’s use of Act-On to develop and deliver highly personalized and engaging digital campaigns for this particular event generated a 75% increase in MQLs from the event compared to the previous year. They used their Netsuite/Act-On integration to segment these leads and then determined which of these leads were ready to be passed to Sales and which were in need of further lead nurturing. And since the average sales cycle for Picarro is anywhere between 6 and 24 months, they’re using Act-On to deliver targeted nurture programs to prime even more opportunities for Sales. 

“We’re really happy with how we were able to use Act-On to drive some impactful engagement at this year’s AGU meetings,” said Siiri. “And now we’re hoping to re-use many of the same templates and strategies for our other events in the future — especially the demographic and engagement segmentation.”

Outcome: Picarro Sees Significant Increase In Event Engagement, Attendance, and Marketing Qualified Leads

By using Act-On to plan, execute, and optimize their event marketing communications, Picarro has seen a major increase in event engagement, attendance, and marketing qualified leads. Advanced segmentation based on digital behaviors and email engagement enabled them to deliver more targeted and relevant messaging to their priority prospects and customers, and Act-On’s email and landing page templates helped ensure a compelling customer experience and consistent branding across the board. As a result, they achieved a 29% increase in factory tour attendance, a 56% increase in VIP reception attendance, and a 75% increase in total leads generated during the AGU Fall Meetings in 2019.

Moving forward, Siiri and the team at Picarro are eager to continue improving their event marketing efforts by using the lessons they learned and the campaigns they developed using Act-On. According to Siiri, “The Act-On platform helps us do so many new and exciting things. It has all of the features and functionality we need to deliver targeted messaging to segmented audiences to ensure engagement and increase qualified pipeline.”

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