When Adam Bookman, co-founder and partner of Propelics, analyzed the metrics for profitability following the company’s Act-On and SugarCRM integration, he realized the results were nothing short of dramatic: Propelics saw a whopping 800% year-over-year increase in revenue in the first year of implementation. 

Additionally, Propelics was able to close the gap between the time a lead was generated and the time sales was able to follow up on it from days – to just hours.

For Propelics, a leader in creating mobile strategies and world class apps for the enterprise, the validation that they had selected the best marketing automation solution for their needs was welcome news. 

Act-On allowed us to simplify and automate the process and has improved the collaboration between sales and marketing by 100%. When users reach a certain score they get deposited right into Sugar, automatically.

Adam Bookman

Co-founder and Partner of Propelics


For the first time, Propelics had a total, end-to-end solution for sales and marketing lead management. Best of all, it was a solution that integrated seamlessly with the company’s SugarCRM software, enabling it to tap into the combined power of automating both their sales force and marketing campaigns.

The company had previously struggled with a cobbled-together solution that underutilized its Sugar CRM and required juggling multiple vendors for email, landing pages, analytics, and forms as well as forcing its marketing team into cumbersome manual reporting.

Because the solution did not provide lead scoring data, the sales team also wasted valuable time following up on low-value leads.

Following the Act-On implementation, Propelics was able to consolidate vendors, enhance visibility, and streamline marketing-to-sales communication.

The solution provided exactly what Propelics was looking for: SugarCRM integration, web visitor tracking, forms management, lead scoring, landing page management, WebEx integration, and automated campaigns. “It was really easy to set up, and gave us lots of flexibility,” said Adam.

The Act-On platform consolidated and simplified channel management, while the robust web analytics provided deeper insight via the behavioral activity and lead scoring features.

As a result of the Act-On/Sugar integration, marketing is also able to provide richer list segmentation and so generate leads that are both better qualified and higher quality.


“We haven’t changed the way we acquire leads, but the process has become a lot less painful. Sales opportunities have increased significantly as a result of the timeliness of our contacts and ability to score leads. A year-over-year 800% increase in revenue may seem mind-boggling,” said Bookman. “

It helps that we have a low volume, high transaction amount business model, so that kind of jump in numbers can happen with just a few sales. But it wasn’t only the 100% increase in opportunities that triggered the revenue growth; retention marketing to existing customers was also a significant factor.

The most important statistic in my view is the quality of the leads. The fact is, Act-On helps us focus our attention on the high quality leads – and that has led directly to more sales and major revenue growth.”

Previous marketing automation the reporting functionality was inadequate. We were unable to get a 360-degree view of prospect interest or insight into historical prospect engagement.

Adam Bookman

Co-founder and Partner of Propelics


Not only do we get to the right customers quickly now, but we’ve got visibility into their needs. We’re able to make the conversation relevant based on what we know their interest to be. Act-On has enabled us to get more meetings and close more deals.

Adam Bookman

Co-founder and Partner of Propelics