Deliver Personalized Customer Journeys at Scale

Automation & Personalization: A Match Made in Marketing Heaven

As the world continues to pivot more and more toward digital, personalizing the customer journey is critical. Generic marketing isn’t going to cut it anymore; businesses of all shapes and sizes need better marketing intelligence to conquer the new era of marketing engagement. And personalization needs to be at the forefront of every strategy, every campaign, and every piece of content you put out into the world. That’s why we created this all-in-one guide to mapping everything out, executing your vision, and extending the lifecycle through personalized customer journeys.

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Build Your Marketing Personas

Connections are built on genuine understanding and authentic communication. The best way to drive this understanding and produce these communications is by studying your target consumers’ pain points, demographics, firmographics, and behaviors. When you know their challenges, you’ll know which solutions they need — and you’ll be in a better position to provide resonant campaigns and content that drive engagement and strengthen relationships.

Segment Your Target Audiences

Modern marketing automation platforms have the tools and features you need to segment your database into distinct target groupings and then execute highly customized and extremely relevant campaigns. Act-On even allows you to further personalize your customer journeys across multiple channels with conditional campaign logic and dynamic content that triggers based on specific user actions.

Develop Personalized Lead Scoring

Regardless of how simple or complex your lead scoring models, the proper marketing automation platform can help you build a framework for success, adjust your paradigm on the fly, and replicate your efforts with new scoring programs in the future. And a solution like Act-On has everything you need to plan and deliver your personalized lead scoring strategies at every stage along the customer lifecycle!

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