Act-On users: Marketing Automation Network boosts efficiency and branding consistency, making it easier and more affordable to manage multiple groups 

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Marketing is evolving, and marketers who use Act-On’s Marketing Automation Network say it makes their work easier and more successful.

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PORTLAND, Ore. – Nov. 22, 2022 – Demand to scale marketing and drive efficiency is through the roof, and some platforms stand out from the others to meet marketers’ needs. Act-On Software users say one of the platform’s unique capabilities makes a huge difference for companies that manage multiple divisions, brands or domains.

The Marketing Automation Network’s capabilities are diverse, but ultimately allow a company or agency to easily manage multiple marketing instances at scale. Those could include separate brands, divisions, regions, client accounts, distributors and more. The network feature provides centralized administration, account access, account provisioning, database management and template sharing.

So what? 

The Act-On Marketing Automation Network addresses multiple pain points for organizations, characterized by three main user types: 

  • Channel Partner Model
  • Mid-Market & Enterprise Model
  • Classic “Agency” Model

Chances are, as a marketer, you’re being asked to do more with less. So the question is: how can you juggle your growing responsibilities and the diverse needs of various accounts and marketing instances under your company umbrella?

The Marketing Automation Network streamlines solutions to this challenge, allowing Act-On users to operate a main “parent” account that helps manage “children” accounts underneath, all under the same Act-On login. This creates a primary example for children accounts to increase efficiency and consistency for onboarding, lead conversion, asset sharing and template generation for any instance under the same Act-On account.

Parent accounts can easily distribute assets and other shared components to child accounts, which can then use those materials for their own marketing goals.

Increased efficiency, relationship management and brand control all lead to more revenue and a stronger bottom line.

“It definitely gives us an easy way to manage our different clients in one kind of grouping, versus having multiple different logins that we have to manage,” said Mark Finnegan of Goose Digital, a top user of Act-On’s Marketing Network feature. “If you have multiple divisions, brands, or domains, Act-On’s Marketing Network is a very cost effective way to do it.”

Companies using Act On’s Marketing Automation Network—ranging across enterprise, midsize and small businesses—have seen direct boosts to their workflow and financial success.

“The Marketing Automation Network makes onboarding new clients very efficient compared to other softwares I have used, which make you have to rebuild everything for every new client,” said Marcus Roth of Lone Beacon. “As the US’s premiere marketing agency for independent financial advisers, Lone Beacon using this feature in Act-On allows us to quickly and efficiently aggregate all their data into disparate silos and then into one analytics area using the data studio tool.”

What’s next?

For those of you managing a complex system of marketing instances, your workload doesn’t have to be bogged down. Features like Act-On’s Marketing Automation Network reduce workflow burdens, boost your efficiency and partner consistency, and ultimately increase revenue.

Act-On’s customer support makes harnessing these marketing automation features easy for both existing Act-On clients and new ones. Compared to its competitors, Act-On makes onboarding users quick and easy. A process that can often take months with other platforms, takes only about six weeks with Act-On. 

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