Act-On Software Receives SiriusDecisions 2019 Program of the Year: Technology Award

The Adaptive Marketing provider is recognized for streamlined innovation, product deployment, and business growth utilizing Scaled Agile Framework

Act-On Software was honored to receive the Program of the Year: Technology Award at SiriusDecisions Summit on May 8, 2019, where the industry-leading Adaptive Marketing provider was recognized for its transcendent results after optimizing Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) across the company.

SiriusDecisions analysts chose Act-On as the winner of this Program of the Year Award because of the company’s unique and committed approach to technology alignment in support of agile development. Act-On leverages SAFe across cross-functioning teams to tighten the customer feedback loop and provide company-wide transparency while simultaneously streamlining product development and deployment.

In June 2018, SAFe was introduced with a focus on product, engineering, and operations teams. However, after a successful first quarter in which the company improved multiple key areas such as time-to-market, quality, productivity, and team engagement, Act-On expanded the agile footprint into more customer-facing teams, including marketing and support. This company-wide adoption of SAFe has empowered all of these teams to continually work toward aligned goals. For instance, the marketing team has been able to generate and maximize its number of valuable content and executed campaigns with full visibility into other teams’ roadmaps and objectives.

SiriusDecisions’ 2019 Programs of the Year showcased vendors that analysts hand-selected as best-in-class across marketing, sales, and product disciplines, and the award recipients shared insight into their success and what it takes to achieve it