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Act-On Unveils 2022 Marketing Predictions

The marketing automation leader anticipates major changes to the ways data is used, revamped digital engagement strategies, and dynamic centralized tools

Portland, Ore.January 19, 2022: Act-On Software, the leading growth marketing automation platform, today unveiled its predictions for the marketing industry in 2022. Marketing practices are ever evolving, but Act-On believes the following trends will define the new year and shape the way brands interact with customers.

1. First-party cookies become the standard for data collection

In the wake of Apple’s widely-discussed software update in September 2021 and the forthcoming ban on third-party cookies, there will inevitably be more changes to consumer internet privacy—meaning marketers will need to re-think the ways they approach data. Ultimately, collecting and relying on the data customers consent to share with a business is the future; it’s the safest way to nurture relationships with customers, while building trust and providing personalized experiences. 

While first-party data collection will be the standard practice companies use to enhance and personalize customer experiences, other key metrics such as click-through rates, website behavior, and unsubscribes will come to the forefront in the new year. 

“In 2022, we’ll see marketers creatively adapt to widespread industry shifts in data privacy,” said Kate Johnson, CEO of Act-On Software. “By pivoting to a first-party data strategy, marketers will embrace and adapt to a heightened focus on consumer data privacy and find new, innovative ways to reach their audiences.”

2. Multichannel messaging will become more prevalent

In the new year, marketers will develop even more sophisticated multichannel messaging as they seek new ways to engage target audiences. In particular, look for B2B marketers to lean on SMS to replicate the successful model B2C teams established to communicate with consumers. In today’s era, all customers expect brands to provide a seamless digital experience across every channel and touchpoint. To achieve this engagement, marketers will increasingly craft campaigns where SMS, email, and other channels are leveraged in conjunction with one another. As a byproduct, marketing automation workflows will continue to rise in popularity due to seamless integrations with SMS and email. In order to support this shift to multichannel campaigns, marketers need to ensure their platforms are updated with UX interfaces that support these strategies and emerging best practices accordingly.

3. Marketing tools will become more centralized

As marketing continues to evolve and advance, so do the tools that marketers use to plan, implement, and evaluate their campaigns. With this comes an overload of marketing tools, which eventually become difficult to consistently monitor and maintain. In the new year, centralization of marketing tools will increase as marketing pros require seamless integrations between software that are conducive to efficient, organized, and agile workflows. Only 10% of B2B marketers report having their marketing automation solutions entirely integrated with the rest of their existing technology stack, representing a major need for increased integrations between solutions.

“Centralization of marketing tools will be a key component of successful marketing teams in 2022,” said Gregg Ames, CCO of Act-On Software. “We are entering an era where centralized software integrations are not just a perk, but rather the bare minimum for companies. Centralization of technology keeps marketing teams more organized, efficient, and productive, and as a byproduct, is an effective way to both attract and retain marketing talent.”

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