Content Glow Up: Taking Your Content From Ho Hum to Fabulous

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Is your content collecting dust rather than driving web engagement?

Good content takes a lot of investment – of time, money, and resources. Too often, marketers give up on content once it’s published and distributed. The truth is, that old dusty content sitting in the digital corner still has time to shine.

Join Act-On’s Matt Sailor, Sr. Content Marketing Manager, and Trevan Strean, Creative Director, to learn how content audits and brand refreshes can help you squeeze more demand gen results from your entire content library.

What we will cover:

  • A step-by-step approach to auditing your content library:
    How to look at your existing content library holistically to determine what to dust off vs. what “no longer brings you joy” as Marie Kondo would say
  • Tips and tricks for making updates to creative assets for minimal effort:
    Identifying quick win updates you can make to existing assets and what to start with on some of the more involved updates
  • AI tools that can help you reuse and recycle content:
    Embracing new AI tools to reduce the manual lift of refreshing your library and focus that human energy where it matters most

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