Executing Critical Insurance Bulletins at Scale

Executing Critical Insurance Bulletins at Scale

Learn how executing critical insurance bulletins allows brokerages to share important insurance policy information with clients.

Now more than ever, it is important for brokerages to share critical information with customers around the specific insurance policies that they have, and more importantly be able to deliver them at scale without sacrificing client relationships or creating additional work for service teams.

In this webinar, we will walk you through all the personalization capabilities available to you with your customer data, how to properly segment this data for efficient and effective customer communications, and how to utilize marketing automation tools such as Act-On to automate these alerts to customers.

This 30-minute webinar will demonstrate how to:

  • Easily build personalized bulletin emails to your customers that land in their inboxes
  • Learn the difference between marketing emails and personalized text-based emails
  • Efficiently segment your lists by policy data and other customer information from your BMS
  • Personalize standard bulletins based on BMS customer data points

On-demand Webinar

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