Migration Strategies: How to Upgrade your Marketing Automation without the Pain

Every year, 23% of companies switch their marketing automation provider. Would you like to be one of them?

Many companies are frustrated with the complexity and cost of their current marketing automation solution, but do not want to take on a big migration project to move to a new, better platform. 

Here’s the secret 23% of companies have learned: It doesn’t have to be a big, all-consuming project! 

Join Jeff Day, SVP of Marketing for Act-On and Brandon Larocque, Managing Partner at Access Marketing, for an in-depth discussion of the migration process, and the options you have to make it far less painful than you’re probably imagining.

What you’ll learn:

  • 3+1 Major migration strategies companies can take to reduce time and cost
  • How to get up and running in 2 weeks!
  • Finding the right strategic approach, and why migration is a misnomer
  • Example process flows to follow to ensure success
  • and some Pro Tips to help you along the way

On-demand Webinar

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