A Valentine for Marketers

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Editor’s note: Charles Jennings is a serial entrepreneur and the founder or co-founder of for-profit and non-profit organizations including Preview Systems, GeoTrust, TRUSTe, Supertracks, Swan Island Networks, NeuralEye, and more. Many more. (Full disclosure: He’s also my former boss at two of those companies.) Far beyond all those things, he is a poet. And just this once, just because Valentine’s Day is coming up, and just for fun, let’s have a poem … one the social marketers among us might especially appreciate.

Social Love

By Charles Jennings


It began with me following you

all aTwitter,

Tracking you Foursquare

With Pinterest.


We shared Face space,

Floated on iClouds,

Thumbed each other with abandon

Across nosy-fingered dawns.


Then you unfriended me.

Me, who had never invaded your meat space,

Me, who never confronted you with real identity.

Yet you vanished, became disconnected.

We were no longer LinkedIn.


I am left with little more than your sweet smile,

Captured on Skype, without guile.

I wish you well, my sweet lamb.

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