The Rebel Instinct Podcast, Episode 16: Esther Flammer

Esther Flammer heads up marketing at Wrike, a multibillion dollar tech company. She shares perspective about changes in martech, advice to marketers to adapt and prove value, and what needs to change in the industry.

Why ISO 27001 is Important for Marketers

Why ISO 27001 is Important for Marketers

Data security has always been important, but urgency around security only grew during the pandemic when many industries – such as healthcare – experienced all-time highs in the volume of security breaches. Marketing has also transformed over the past several years. Customers don’t just prefer personalized experiences – they demand them. And if you miss […]

Key European Digital Regulation & Compliance Developments

Since the inception of GDPR in 2016, there have been several key regulation and compliance developments important for marketers operating in Europe. In December 2020, the European Commission proposed two key pieces of legislation to strengthen the EU’s efforts to protect consumers in their digital interactions. The Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the Digital Services […]