Agency Enjoys 100% Growth with Act-On Marketing Automation

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BevelGearWikipediaImageFor every successful business, there comes a time when shaking things up is necessary to stay competitive.

For marketing agency, CoreElement, that time was two years ago.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, CoreElement helps industrial manufacturers grow their sales. (Think highly engineered products like precision medical devices, steel construction fasteners, hydraulic equipment, that sort of thing.) The agency was – and is – known for crafting custom marketing solutions that leverage the latest cutting-edge technologies.

So imagine CoreElement’s surprise to discover not only that its email approach was outdated, but its business focus had lost clarity.

Time for some strategic spring cleaning: shaking out rugs, cleaning blinds, washing the windows from the outside (even the ones on the second floor). Which CoreElement did, performing an across-the-board overhaul that redefined its business focus, tactical approach, and client mix.

And it worked well. That is, if 100% growth impresses you.

How did CoreElement do it?

It’s the focus of a new case study spotlighting CoreElement’s reassessment, the ah-ha moment that kick-started its revamp, and its decision to choose Act-On’s marketing automation platform to optimize its own marketing efforts, as well as its clients’.

“Since making the switch to Act-On, we’ve increased the size of our prospects list 10-fold, changed how everything looks online, changed how we follow up after a contact, changed the frequency outreach – everything. Act-On [allows] us to accomplish more with less.” – Bob Parina, President and Creative Director, CoreElement

Read the case study today and find out:

  • How Act-On helped CoreElement increase business by 100%
  • What the agency did to achieve a whopping 40% response rate to its global survey
  • The specific marketing automation tools and tactics that have been instrumental in helping CoreElement and its clients achieve huge business gains and save thousands of dollars without additional overhead

And that’s just a snapshot. There’s more inside …



Read the CoreElement case study