How Marketing Automation Can Improve Your Social Media Campaigns

Rithesh Raghavan
Social Media Marketing

Marketing is an essential part of business success, and the future lies in automation. However, many brands have failed to use marketing automation extensively despite its potential to connect with leads, convert them into clients, and expand these relationships to extend the lifetime value of the customer. One solution might be to better understand and leverage the relationship between marketing automation and social media marketing.

Social Media and Marketing Automation

In this article, you will learn more about:

  • The efficiency of social media marketing automation
  • The difference between marketing automation and social media post scheduling
  • The measure of the effectiveness of social media marketing automation
  • How social media marketing automation creates a positive customer experience
  • How social media marketing automation helps generate leads
  • Why marketing automation is suitable for social media campaigns

You’ll also learn more about how marketing automation and social media marketing work together to generate great brand awareness and brand loyalty.

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Marketing Automation and Social Media Campaigns

Social media is an essential marketing channel, but many businesses simply don’t have the time and resources to dedicate to social. If this sounds familiar, combining marketing automation and social media might be the solution.

Automating social media marketing goes beyond scheduling content. To get it right, you have to plan and map your content to your larger marketing initiatives and then trace that back to what your audience wants and expects to see and learn on your social channels. With marketing automation, you can listen to the market and your audience and then develop your content accordingly to enhance the customer experience and increase lead generation.

Studies show that businesses must automate social media to run effective and efficient social campaigns. Without automating social media profiles, the work becomes more repetitive and less effective. As much as you should check in periodically to make messages relevant and respond to events promptly, scheduling can help you keep on top of social media campaigns and plan efficiently. 

In addition, you can automate marketing campaigns off the back of your social media platforms by sending automated messaging programs to people who sign up for anything through your social channels. For example, you can send introduction emails detailing “what to expect” to people who sign up for a newsletter or “learn more” SMS for people who visit a particular page on your website via social. 

In the same manner, you can use automated direct messages to target people who follow or like your social media pages. However, this is increasingly becoming the norm, which may take away your account’s personal appeal, which is essentially the main point of using social media platforms to promote sales. Therefore, you need a marketing automation platform capable of personalizing every message to keep prospects and customers engaged.

Marketing Automation and Social Media Stats

Social media campaigns offer the perfect opportunity for B2B businesses to interact with potential buyers and develop new relationships. Marketing automation provides the platform you need to have the one-on-one conversations that move the needle with your target audiences. When paired with a great social platform like Oktopost, it helps save time by eliminating repetitive tasks, allowing your staff to focus more on planning and executing creative and engaging campaigns. 

These stats support the significance of marketing automation when combined with social media marketing campaigns. 

  • Marketing automation is among the best four ways of enhancing personalized customer experience.
  • Automating social media posts and advertisements helps organizations save more than six hours per week on social media management and keeps profiles updated with relevant content. 
  • On average, 51% of firms have implemented marketing automation strategies. 
  • Automating social media campaigns can help companies increase response rates by 250%. 
  • Above 80% of companies acknowledge the fact that social media campaigns are among the most suitable ways of applying marketing automation to a business.  
  • Close to 70% of firms identify improved targeting of messages as the most important aspect of marketing automation to the business. 
  • According to 64% of organizations, an effective marketing automation strategy improves sales. 
  • Approximately 75% of marketers report that marketing automation helps them save time in their daily operations. 

These stats show that a synthesis of marketing automation and social media marketing is a business no-brainer. Automated social media campaigns save time, enhance targeted messaging, and personalize the customer experience.

The Benefits of Marketing Automation on Social Media Campaigns

Scheduling and Monitoring Posts

Your marketing automation platform of choice will let you plan and schedule posts, including attachments and links. And with Act-On, you can follow certain companies, trends, and hashtags to get a gauge of what your prospects and customers are engaging with. And, of course, our platform includes an easy-to-use calendar you can use to manage your daily, weekly, and monthly posts and views. This helps you check every post across different social media platforms from a central location. 

Better still, you can follow every scheduled task and action. And with our robust and streamlined reporting tools and dashboards, you can view your progress, make real-time improvements, and pass great leads to your sales team.

Assessing Leads

An integrated marketing automation platform will allow you to assess leads that interact with your social media content. For instance, Act-On’s social media dashboards help monitor specific posts that a lead likes, shares, or retweets. You can use this with built-in social media analytics to identify the posts that are more engaging and ones that need improvement. 

On the other hand, a traditional social media scheduler cannot show you the “hottest leads” and ones that need more nurturing or further engagement. A marketing automation solution with an integrated social media platform will also give you the opportunity to assign lead scores to your vital social media connections. Based on their score and behaviors, you can easily personalize their journey based on how they’re engaging with your social content.

Instant Notifications

With custom-built workflows, marketing automation will notify your team when a lead reaches your desired score via social, web, email, or any other digital engagements. Pinpoint social media monitoring allows you to understand how each prospect is interacting with your social media posts to help you determine when they’re in a position to reach out and amplify the sales cycle. You can use this chance to connect with the target and determine what they may want from the organization. 

The Bottom Line

The most successful organizations have realized the benefits of using marketing automation to improve social media campaigns. These companies utilize the power of marketing automation platforms to improve their existing social media strategies. You can generate better leads and create a better customer experience for improved sales by integrating marketing automation with social media marketing.

To learn how, please reach out today to book a demo with one of our marketing automation experts. Not ready to take things to the next level? Experience our interactive product tour or download the comprehensive eBook below.

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