When Do You Start Preparing Your 2019 Marketing Plan?

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In this edition of the Act-On Marketing Blog recap, we circle back to our recent post on optimizing your older content; check in with Lauren Teague from Convince & Convert to get her hot take on developing a social media strategy; and offer key points to consider as you develop your 2019 marketing plan.

How to Breathe New Life Into Old Content 

You can create new value (and new leads) by optimizing your older blogs and other content. Easier said than done, especially when you have a ton of old content.

So, this month or this quarter, let’s optimize 40 pages.

We’ll optimize the: 

  • 10 best-performing pages for revenue and leads
  • 10 pages most-likely to make the jump from page 2 to page 1 in Google’s search results
  • 10 pages with high traffic, and high bounce rates
  • 10 pages with high traffic, but low conversion rates

If 40 pages are too many, you can halve the number and only do the top five pages from each category, or the top two pages. 

To learn what to consider as you optimize those pages, read on …

Your 3-minute Social Media Strategy

In our latest Rethink Marketing Podcast, we chatted with Lauren Teague, a strategist with Convince & Convert, about developing a social media strategy.

Her advice is to not overcomplicate your strategy. You can boil it down to three C’s: Clarity, Content and Connections.

Listen to the podcast:

[podloveaudio src="https://ao-podcasts.s3.amazonaws.com/Rethink-Podcast-by-Act-On-Software-2018-09-06-Episode-97-LaurenTeague.mp3" duration="32:46" title="Ep. 97 | The 3 C's for Your Social Media Strategy"]

Get Started on Your 2019 Marketing Plan

The budget and planning season is upon us. No better time then the present to outline what you need to include in your 2019 marketing plan.

Here’s a post from a couple years back, but the 6-point guideline still rings true. 

  1. Evaluate Your Successes and Failures
  2. Define Your Goals
  3. Nail Down Your Messaging
  4. Know Your Audience
  5. Identify Important Dates and Milestones
  6. Finally, Finalize Your Bugets

Read on…