How the New Zendesk Sell and Act-On Integration Enhances Conversations for Sales Teams

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Act-On is excited to be working with Zendesk Sell, a modern CRM that helps accelerate revenue for sales teams. As a combined solution, this integration offers marketing and sales teams unified access to multichannel marketing activities, buyer behavioral data and scoring, and an accelerated buyer pipeline. The seamless integration of Act-On with Zendesk Sell enables marketing and sales people to live in their preferred software environment, while gaining critical access to the data and activities that inform engagement and accelerate opportunities. 

zendesk and act-on integration

A Natural Union Between Marketing and Sales

As a digital marketer, you depend on a range of technologies that streamline the marketing value chain, including software for planning, creating compelling design and content, and delivering ready-to-buy leads to your business. 

Marketing automation platforms, like Act-On, simplify that entire process, through capturing, scoring, and segmenting contacts to empower effective marketing. Act-On helps you do that through creative and replicable program development, nurture programs, and data that allows for reporting, program improvement, and identifying which buyers to send to sales. Your marketing automation solution is your system of action, through which you best engage with your buyers.

While your sales colleagues may also access your marketing automation solution, they’re typically looking for key information about how a particular prospect or customer interacted with your marketing activities and assets prior to their sales outreach. Armed with this contextual information, the sales person can gain a better understanding of the individual buyer’s journey, urgency, intent, and interests, and adapt their outreach to ensure both they and the buyer have the most productive conversation. It’s a win-win across the board.

Even though the information from your marketing automation platform is important for such conversations, your sales team is much more likely to live in a customer relationship management (CRM) system. In the CRM, they can manage a sales opportunity through sales cycles, track the deal, and accelerate closing. The CRM is an indispensable system of record for understanding and taking action on sales stages. The Act-On and Zendesk Sell integration delivers the best of all worlds to both marketing and sales users, looking for a seamless and collaborative experience.

Act-On + Zendesk Sell = 🙂 

This is why Act-On is excited to announce an integration with Zendesk Sell. Customers that wish to improve marketing and sales collaboration, as well as performance, can use both solutions as a single experience, getting the best of both worlds.

Particularly, as a Zendesk Sell sales user, the ease of access to Act-On reporting and marketing activities is built into their experience. Not only can Sell users see aggregate marketing activity scores for each prospective buyer, they can effortlessly link to score sheets in Act-On that grant them visibility into the specific actions and engagements that drew in and have nurtured the buyer relationship. These data points include website visits, landing page and form fills, email and SMS interactions, events and social media activity – everything the prospect did along their buying journey. All of this helps marketing and sales teams better understand what campaigns, promotions, events and other activities attracted the buyer, and what has moved them into the funnel.

Beyond the score sheet, Zendesk Sell users can access and view the timeline of activities along the buyer’s journey, which allows them to evaluate urgency, pace, intent, and favored interactions. All of this helps marketing and sales users to better understand the buyer and personalize their own interactions with them. From within Zendesk Sell, users can prioritize buyers based on defined criteria, as well as initiate outreach, build emails through their own branded content in the Act-On platform, and be sure that all activities are tracked and scored.

Ultimately, marketing and sales people can enter engagements with buyers with the wind at their backs. The behavioral data, insights, and reporting allow for smarter, more timely, and more productive conversations between salespeople and buyers. And both can appreciate that their engagements are personalized, on topic, and accelerate the sales cycle. What’s not to like for the buyer and the seller?

Act-On continues to build our marketing automation platform and our work with key technology vendors like Zendesk to deliver increasingly powerful, scalable, and adaptable solutions to our customers. The Zendesk Sell integration with Act-On is a win-win for Act-On, Zendesk, and our customers and market. Empowering marketing and sales teams to perform and succeed is in our combined DNA.

Talk with us about the opportunities this integration opens for you.