What it Looks Like When Your CRM and Marketing Automation Work Together

crm and marketing automation

WEBINAR WRAP-UP The overwhelming majority of business leaders agree: collaboration between sales and marketing enables critical growth.  This is true for teams, and for technology. When you use your CRM and marketing automation tools together, you unlock the potential to convert more leads, drive higher sales, and deliver more seamless customer experiences.  But integrating these […]

Use Cases: Act-On and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

act-on and microsoft dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps capture relevant data about leads and customers, but if you want to leverage that data to create more meaningful and authentic interactions, you need more than Dynamics alone. Bringing in a marketing automation solution designed specifically to attract and nurture the leads you need to keep your pipeline full and customer […]

Why Dynamics CRM Users Need Act-On Marketing Automation

microsoft dynamics users need act-on

If you want to consistently grow your organization and keep up with fast-changing customer demands, alignment between sales and marketing is essential. But you already know that. You probably even make great use of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite, including the CRM. Did you know 87% percent of sales and marketing leaders report that sales […]

Integrate Marketing Automation Data with Your CRM to Boost Sales Success

Every day, the privacy needs of the average consumer are becoming more and more apparent. And, every day, the world’s largest companies are showing more concern for responding to these needs. At the same time, data remains one of the most crucial aspects of a successful marketing and sales program for any business. The good […]

How the New Zendesk Sell and Act-On Integration Enhances Conversations for Sales Teams

Act-On and Zendesk Sell

Act-On is excited to be working with Zendesk Sell, a modern CRM that helps accelerate revenue for sales teams. As a combined solution, this integration offers marketing and sales teams unified access to multichannel marketing activities, buyer behavioral data and scoring, and an accelerated buyer pipeline. The seamless integration of Act-On with Zendesk Sell enables […]