3 Sure-Fire Tactics to Attract More Leads

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As marketers, we are charged with preaching about our brand and reaching new audiences in an effort to attract more leads. But a problem that many of us face is that, despite the value of our service/product, we just don’t have enough leads coming in through the door. That’s especially disheartening when you’re investing in costly marketing tactics such as paid ads.  

So what are we as marketers to do in these moments? While experimenting with our outreach and marketing efforts might seem like a good idea, it’s not always within our budget and it may lead to disastrous results. And the last thing you want to do is make it seem like marketing is a waste of time to your organization.

Instead, we should focus our energy toward marketing efforts that will enable us to engage customers, nurture a relationship with them and provide them with the tools they need to make an informed purchasing decision. In short, we need to adopt marketing tactics that are guaranteed to attract more leads

Not sure how to do that? Luckily for you, today we have three sure-fire tactics you can employ to efficiently and effectively attract more leads.

1. Revamp Your Content Strategy to Include Useful Content

Don’t ever underestimate the power of content when it comes to generating more leads. After all research shows that content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing at 62% less cost. That’s more than enough evidence that putting some of your efforts toward written and video material can help you get better results.

Think about it, just one amazing blog post or eBook can do wonders to gain you more brand visibility and help you amp up your lead generation efforts. If your piece resonates with somebody, they might be inspired to share it with their community, gaining you even more leads.

But don’t just focus on creating any and all types of content. Aim to create content that is useful to your leads and helps them solve a problem, while also making them realize they could further benefit from investing in your product or service. Look back at your buyer personas and consider what motivates your target customers and what questions they are asking, and use your content to address those needs. Also think about what format they prefer to consume and will best serve them depending on where they are in the sales funnel.

Aside from creating content on topics that resonate with your readers, make sure it speaks their language. That means taking a peek at Google Analytics and ensuring the description, assets and body of your content all feature and highlights keywords that your prospects are likely to be searching for. Optimizing your content this way will improve SEO, and make it easy for potential leads come looking for you instead of the other way around.

If you’re looking for a way to jumpstart your content strategy or are simply stuck in a creative rut, looking at Google Analytics can also be a great way to get inspired and come up with new content ideas. If you need even more help, we recently put together this post with some suggestions to help you start generating new ideas.

2. Harness the Power of Webinars and Events

Did you know that event marketing is one of the three most common lead generation strategies for B2B companies? If your company isn’t hosting webinars and/or events, you should definitely think about scheduling a few on your calendar. Although these take quite a bit of effort, from creating content and materials and getting your targets to show up in the first place, they can have huge potential when done right.

It makes sense. An important part of getting your target customers to become interested in your product or service is establishing credibility. In-person events allow you to put a face to your product and show prospective customers what you’re all about. They enable your to hear their feedback and doubts, and engage in conversation with them to directly address those concerns. Events and webinars also provide you an opportunity to position your company as a thought leader in the industry, making you stand apart from your competitors.

Plus, another advantage is that asking attendees to register for the event means you can collect their information and can continue the conversation after the event. Send a follow up email with a downloadable asset and a CTA encouraging them to continue learning more.

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3. Make the Most of Your Website and Landing Pages

Believe it or not, your website is one of the most powerful lead generation tools out there. We live in a world where the answers to your target customers most pressing questions are only a Google search away. And what that means is that they are not patiently waiting to see your ad or content pop up on their LinkedIn feed. Your target customers are now more proactive than ever, and are likely gathering information on you before you even know they exist.

That is why, you need to ensure your website looks good, is easy to navigate, and has the information your target customers need. Also make sure to provide plenty of calls to action so your customers have an opportunity to express some interest and convert into leads. For example, include a link where prospective customers can schedule a time to talk to a sales rep, or sprinkle gated content throughout so you can collect their contact info and begin nurturing a relationship with them.

Also think about how you house information. Landing pages are a great way to curate content, stats and other information that may address a specific concern. A marketing automation tool can help you easily design landing pages that will appeal to your leads, so they can easily find the kind of information they are looking for.

Finally, make sure that your website is optimized for different devices and that your pages have an adequate loading time. If you don’t have time for a total website refresh, start by taking the top 10 most visited pages of your website and updating them so they are optimized for content and speed. Small changes can do a lot to improve the customer experience and get you better results.