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Dreamforce Attendees: Take the #Tchotchke Tchallenge!

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Rob Salzman in Act-On sunglassesWe all want to do something to make the world a little bit better. The Tchotchke Tchallenge exemplifies how you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company or a billionaire to give back; even small companies can make a difference. Act-On has come up with a way for anyone attending Dreamforce to make their own, personal contribution to breaking the cycle of poverty and marginalization.

The #Tchotchke Tchallenge

When you attend a conference, any conference, you come away with a lot of swag: Water bottles, key rings, little flashing games, logo’d packets of hand sanitizer, kazoos. Tchotchkes run the gamut of cool to boring, old-hat to novel. The one thing most of them have in common? They’re disposable.

Here’s a chance to repurpose those gimmicks and gadgets into something genuinely useful, for the benefit of people who could use the help.

Jeff Linton in Act-On sunglasses.croppedWe’ve created the The Tchotchke Tchallenge, a collaborative two-day effort to encourage Moscone event goers to donate the conference tchotchkes they collect to charity. All contributions will go directly to GLIDE, a non-profit working to alleviate hunger and homelessness in San Francisco, and will be matched by Act-On with a monetary gift.

“Companies big and small can contribute to the cause and help GLIDE in their mission to alleviate suffering and break the cycles of poverty,” said Nicole Brown, Director of Institutional Giving at GLIDE. “We appreciate Act-On’s innovative approach to spreading awareness to GLIDE’s mission, and in understanding that a little effort goes a long way.”

In spearheading this tchotchke drive, we at Act-On hope to demonstrate that any business, no matter the size or budget, has the ability to support charitable causes.

So gather those water bottles and kazoos, accept those coasters, and do good with them. To contribute your tchotchkes:

  • Visit Chronicle Books, opposite Moscone West, at 165 4th St., San Francisco
  • On Tuesday, October 14th, from 11:00am to 2:00pm
  • …and/or Wednesday, October 15th from 10:00 am to 4:00pm.

At the conclusion of the event, Act-On will present a representative from GLIDE with a monetary gift as well as all the tchotchkes donated during the drive.

So, Dreamforce goers – take the #Tchotchke Tchallenge!! (Just as helpful, and much less messy, than an ice bucket.)


Glide in San FranciscoLocated at Ellis and Taylor in the Tenderloin, one of San Francisco’s harshest urban environments, GLIDE is an oasis that has served the poor and disenfranchised for over 50 years. GLIDE is unconditional in its love, support and commitment to the community it serves – providing a range of holistic services from serving over 850,000 free meals a year, to providing affordable housing, free or low-cost state-of-the-art healthcare along with dozens of other programs that help to alleviate suffering and break the cycles of poverty and marginalization. With an unwavering commitment grounded in spirituality and emotional understanding, GLIDE is a leading organization for social justice – inspiring the larger community to celebrate humanity through compassion, generosity and acceptance. For more information about GLIDE, please call (415) 674-6000 or visit www.

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